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TALIA Shows Off Epic Symphonic Prowess With Hauntingly Beautiful “Abandon”

Single Download + EPK HERE (for media use only - Interview, Review, Airplay)

TALIA Shows Off Epic Symphonic Prowess With Hauntingly Beautiful “Abandon”

Talia - Photo Credit - Kyle Lamar

Talia Hoit is an American singer-songwriter from Colorado. She was classically trained at a young age and now she writes songs and various symphonic metal compositions. She has contributed to bands for the last two decades and also has a collection of solo works. Alongside a talented group of producers and musicians, she is bringing more of her most personal and intimate solo songs to life. Her latest piece is “Abandon”, in which the listener can immerse themselves in the haunting emotion. She shares her excitement for the video release:

“When I wrote this song last year, it was not particularly intended to be something I would release, it was just a moment of vulnerability I had at my piano one day where this song unfolded into existence as I was going through something and had a moment of being emotionally overwhelmed and just started playing the keys and saying the words. It became a beautiful poem about letting go of something that had been really important to me but was dying in my life. I’m really grateful to all the amazing people who have helped me bring this music to life to be able to express my art both musically and visually, and to be able to share it with the world.”

Hoit expects a fine reception as it's more the symphonic metal style people have come to expect from me because of her other projects, as well as the collaboration with the producer, Mane Cabrales who contributed backing instruments and vocals.

Fans can expect a lot more music coming from Talia in the future, she has many songs that she looks forward to releasing in the future. Dark, introspective, and metaphorical, Talia’s symphonic metal gives new life to the genre. It is recommended for those who enjoy Nightwish, Within Temptation, and Evanescence.

Watch and listen to via its video premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

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About: Talia Hoit is an American singer-songwriter from Colorado. Classically trained, she begin playing the piano at the age of 5. Now she writes original songs, performs on vocals and keyboards, and composes orchestra scores for symphonic metal. She was the keyboardist and a co-songwriter for the hard rock band Anadies for 5 years, releasing an album, Formamentum (2004), and an EP, Catalyst (2006), before branching out to write her own solo songs and sing classical music. She performed as a Soprano with the Colorado Springs Chorale for 10 years, and as the Chamber Singers of the Colorado Springs Chorale for 5 years. As a solo artist, she wrote and independently recorded two original albums of songs, Fate's Too Small (2007) and A Little Longer (2012) which had a limited physical cd release only.

In 2014, she recorded ambient vocal backing tracks as a guest musician for a symphonic power metal band, Psycodrama. After this studio experience, she decided to pursue her passion for singing symphonic metal. That same year, she joined the band Beyond Forgiveness and is currently the lead singer, orchestral composer, co-lyricist, and co-songwriter for the band. They have released an EP: The Ferryman's Shore (2015), two albums: The Great Wall (2017) and Live to Tell the Story (2019), and are currently in the studio working on their third full-length album, Cold as Winter’s Ice. In the fall of 2020, she worked with producer Jarek Musil to record a single, Angel, for personal purposes, which had a soft release in early 2021 on Soundcloud only. Since the Covid pandemic, she has been working remotely with a talented group of producers and musicians to bring more of her most personal and intimate solo songs to life. “Will especially appeal to you if you are a fan of female fronted metal in the vein of Epica, Sandra and early Within Temptation … This lady has a beautiful operatic voice …. As well as ability on keyboards and arranging skills…” - Rick Tilley, Metal Gods TV “The soprano vocals are delicate and angelic and the vocal lines are catchy and easily to sing along to… would recommend for fans of: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, After Forever, Unsun, Leaves’ Eyes, Sirenia, Ancient Bards, The Gentle Storm” - Sasha Bannister, Noizze UK “Angelical voice” - Victor Augusto, Ever Metal “From the start, Talia’s powerful vocals pull you in…I would fans of early Tristania and Enter/TheDance-era Within Temptation … Talia is a phenomenal operatic vocalist that is probably more influenced by Simone Simons and less by Vibeke Stene” - Sonic Cathedral “Haunting vocals” - John Bear, Westword “são os vocais de Talia Hoit (também responsável pelas orquestrações) que brilham nas dez faixas de “Live to Tell the Story”, com destaque a “Forever Dream”, onde ela desfila todo o seu talento de forma quase mística.” - Marcelo Lopes Vieira, Metal Na Lata “wondrous vocals from Talia that ooze feeling” - Black Phoenix Rising Metal Forum -- ASHER MEDIA RELATIONS Jon Asher - Music Publicist #.514.581.5780 | jon[@]ashermediarelations[.]com Facebook @AsherMediaRelations | Instagram @AsherMedia | Tweet @AsherMedia (Rockshots Records, Extreme Metal Music, Armstrong MetalFest, Loud As Hell, Metalocalypstick, Decimate MF, Electric Highway Fest, Wacken Metal Battle Canada/USA, Hyperspace MF, Toledo DeathFest)

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