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TARMAT: AOR / Melodic Rock band debuts single “Backbone Feeling”

TARMAT: AOR / Melodic Rock band debuts single “Backbone Feeling”

Photographer: Marcela Kunzel

Clearly influenced by 80’s music, yet sounding fresh, Brazilian band TARMAT releases today their debut single, “Backbone Feeling”, already available on the band's YouTube channel in lyric video format. The single is part of their debut album “Out of the Blue”, to be released next week, October 22nd, on streaming services.

“Backbone Feeling” is the album's opening track and was chosen by the band as a single, to introduce the audience to all the energy of TARMAT's sound. “This was the first song we worked on together as soon as we formed the band, and we were so pleased with the result that it kind of pushed us to go ahead and write an entire album. It's a very important song for us”, says Eduardo Marcolino, guitarist.

TARMAT can be defined as an AOR/Melodic Rock band with a modern touch, creating a sound of high excellence, with elaborate arrangements, passionate lyrics, and a twist of pop at the same time. “Gabriel and Eduardo made the arrangements at their homes and sent them to me so I could get the vibe of the songs and insert their respective melodies and lyrics, which came together simultaneously, almost like psychography. The lyrics have a very personal tone, where I undress myself talking a lot about my life and everything around me. If it weren't for the pandemic, I don't think we would have come this far with this project, which started unpretentiously, but became so interesting that we decided to make it available to everyone”, explains Alexandre Daumerie, vocalist and composer. "We've been on this nostalgic wave for such a long time. Ever since I started doing music, when I was about 15, I've always dreamed of being successful with my musical projects. And now with this original work, I hope people may have access to everything we compose. We want to send our message to the whole world, and we hope you all enjoy it".

TARMAT - Backbone Feeling (Official Lyric Video)

Formed in 2020 by long-time friends who share the same passion for music, TARMAT was born during the pandemic. Along such unusual situation, the musicians took advantage of the idle time during social isolation to start a new original project, where all the songs on the album were composed and produced from their homes. The band's music goes from soft rock to hard rock, influenced by artists such as Journey, Boston, Europe, Simply Red, Christopher Cross and Queen, with a more modern look.

The members have been on the road for quite some time in the music business, taking part in projects together, such as the cover bands Driving Force, G.R.A.Z.E., WhitesnakeCover, and Anxtron, an original prog rock band which happened to be the opening attraction in concerts of famous bands, such as Marillion.

Their debut album has eight tracks and was produced and recorded by the band in their home studios and at Estúdio Omega, in Niterói-RJ. Mixed and co-produced by Eduardo Belchior, from Intense Music Productions, Sweden. Mastered by Swedish artist Ronny Milianowicz, who is also a drummer in the band ShadowQuest, and has worked with Angra, Kreator, Hammerfall, BloodBound, Paradise Lost, among other bands.

Genre: AOR / Melodic Rock



(Alexandre Daumerie / Eduardo Marcolino / Gabriel Aquino)

2. OUT OF THE BLUE (4:18)

(Alexandre Daumerie / Gabriel Aquino)


(Alexandre Daumerie / Eduardo Marcolino)

4. GIBBERISH (4:04)

(Alexandre Daumerie / Eduardo Marcolino / Gabriel Aquino)


(Alexandre Daumerie / Eduardo Marcolino)

6. MORE THAN LESS (3:46)

(Alexandre Daumerie / Eduardo Marcolino)


(Alexandre Daumerie / Gabriel Aquino)

8. THE KNIGHT (2:49)

(Alexandre Daumerie / Eduardo Marcolino)

Producer: Tarmat

Mixing and co-producer: Eduardo Belchior (Intense Music Producions - Örebro/Suécia)

Mastering: Ronny Milianowicz (Örebro/Suécia)

Drums recorded by: Rafael Marcolino

Cover art: Rodrigo Fróes


Alexandre Daumerie (vocals)

Eduardo Marcolino (guitar)

Gabriel Aquino (keyboards)

José Marcus (bass)

For more about TARMAT check the official channels:

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