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Alternative rock artist TAYLOR MCCLUSKEY has been on a roll over the last year, churning out anthemic rock singles each month to his rabidly growing fanbase. Now, he's back to satiate his audience with the earnest rock single "Bulletproof" (Live) that's streaming everywhere now. Watch the video below.

Commenting on the single, MCCLUSKEY states:

"'Bulletproof' (Live) was needed to be played "live" with my bandmates here in Montreal at Studio Madame Wood. The lockdown was hard for us. However, we are all supercharged when we lock into a new and or past track. We give it everything we have and start the "levitating process" that the gift of music gives you. I can't wait to tour these new 20 songs we have in the pipeline. The energy I receive from my bandmates is incredible. I am so happy we have an extremely talented photographer and videographer, Teresa St-Marie. It allows us to connect with the audience with a live stream experience and on social media.

I'm planning a secret live recording and streaming show in October. Follow my Instagram @taylormccluskeymusic for more details."

Drawing influence from bands like rock legends U2, desert-rock pioneers Queens of the Stone Age and post-grunge stalwarts Helmet, McCluskey brandishes a seemingly effortless knack for crafting passionate, catchy-as-hell riff oriented rock as also witnessed on his recent tracks "Stay With Me," "Gladiator" and "Freedom Fighter."


TAYLOR MCCLUSKEY is a Montreal based (By way of Sacramento, CA) musician, filmmaker and actor who’s appeared in films like Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Star Trek (2009) and TV shows. As a musician, he is the founding member of The Maddest Of Madmen and The MFICs and has made four solo albums, the most recent being 2020’s Star God.

MCCLUSKEY and Glen Robinson, producer and fellow member of The MFICs, recorded, mixed and mastered "Bulletproof" studio and live versions as well as the recently released singles “Young Blood,” "Stay With Me," "Gladiator" and "Freedom Fighter." from his upcoming album. The two were joined by The MFICs' members Andrew James and Zak St. John who performed bass and drums, respectively, on the tracks.


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