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TEMPERANCE Releases New Acoustic Song “Paint The World”

TEMPERANCE Releases New Acoustic Song “Paint The World”

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Melodies Of Green And Blue to be Released on February 19, 2021

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[photo credit: Ermes Buttolo]

TEMPERANCE will release their new acoustic EP, Melodies Of Green And Blue, this upcoming Friday, February 19 via Napalm Records! The new single, “Paint The World", is one of the six acoustic renditions of songs from their critically acclaimed album, Viridian, found on the melodic/symphonic metal outfit’s new EP. After many years of band history and tours with genre giants like NIGHTWISH, Luca Turilli's RHAPSODY and TARJA, TEMPERANCE will release Melodies Of Green And Blue – a gift to their loyal fans!

On this acoustic version, sparkling musical production hits multi-layered vocal harmonies in a dense and catchy acoustic composition. With “Paint The World”, TEMPERANCE invites you into a stripped back musical setting, offering glorious melodies and rich chords to pleasantly get lost in!

Watch the Music Video for “Paint The World” HERE:

Singer Michele Guaitoli about “Paint The World”: Together with the emotion of going acoustic, we also had the chance to write some brand new tracks for this acoustic EP, moving away from the original style of the band. Even though we released tracks like “Gaia” or “Scent of Dye” before, “Paint The World” is a semi-acoustic ballad that would have been hard to include in any other TEMPERANCE’s record as it too much in between the acoustic world and the electric world. Like many other times in TEMPERANCE’s history, we immediately took advantage of this possibility that Napalm gave us, to experiment with something different and new. I believe in this song as you can clearly feel the influences of our youth, the alternative rock of the early 2000s, and the beginning of our musical dreams: the dreams of a bunch of kids who wanted to paint their own picture of this world.“ Furthermore, Michele Guaitoli comments on the Melodies Of Green And Blue EP: "We’ve been talking about recording some acoustic versions of our tracks for a long time, as we all love the intimate and emotional feeling that this particular style can offer to any tracks. If you think of it, this is how most of our songs are composed: it’s Marco on his guitar or me on the piano. Everything for us begins in acoustic before going metal. This EP is a little dream come true, as we can finally show the heart of our music in its purest version."

In celebration of Melodies Of Green And Blue’s release, TEMPERANCE will perform an acoustic show via live stream on Friday, Feb 19 (8PM CET). Get your tickets for the show HERE!

Pre-Order Melodies Of Green And Blue HERE:

Melodies Of Green And Blue tracklisting:

1. Paint the World

2. Evelyn

3. Let It Beat

4. I Am the Fire

5. Nanook

6. Start Another Round

7. My Demons Can't Sleep

8. Gaia


Alessia Scolletti - Vocals

Michele Guaitoli - Vocals & Piano

Marco Pastorino - Guitar & Vocals

Luca Negro - Bass

Alfonso Mocerino – Drums

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