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Terrorential: Australians Drop Visualiser Video for Title Track & Album Is Out Now

Terrorential: Australians Drop Visualiser Video for Title Track & Album Is Out Now

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Terrorential, Australian Thrash/Death Metal outfit hailing from Sydney, are releasing their much anticipated debut album Visions today. As a teaser, Terrorential also release a visualiser for the title track Visions. Beware, this release definitely requires some neck muscle warm ups!

Singer Larry Papura explains the dark meaning of Visions: "The song Visions is about what would things be like if total war happened and the place you live in was getting invaded."

For all fans of Obituary, Death, Kreator and alike. Visions is definitely an album to add to your wish list!


Larry Papura - Vocals & Guitar

Travis Walker - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Triz Wahington - Drums

Alex Yelistratov - Bass


Terrorential was formed in 2010 by high school mates, Larry Papura & Triz Washington inspired by a truck load of Metal bands. For the first few years, Terrorential recorded 4 free demos and played a numerous amount of live shows with a rotating line of members.

In 2014, the band added Travis Walker on guitars to their line up as a permanent band member. In 2020, Alex joined to fill the position of bass player.

Terrorential are ready to bring the brutality to crowds across Australia. With a full solid line up now complete and an debut album release in 2021, Terrorential are shaking the walls like an oncoming storm!

Terrorential - Visions Visualiser Video


1. Prelusion

2. Logical Terror

3. Warrior

4. One For One

5. Flood The Earth

6. Goddamn Thrashing

7. Dreamescape

8. I'm Fucking Drunk...,!

9. Unleash

10. Visions

11. Terrorential

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