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Welcome to the show is basically a catchphrase for everyday life. Nothing too deep, just a soundtrack, if you will, for what we do. Grade A kick your ass. It’s the first song you play on the way to a concert or on the way to the gym or the bar, a date, whatever.. have fun. We most certainly are! And again welcome the sh*tshow! " - Testarossa

Charlotte, NC - Testarossa unapologetically once again rocks it out with "Welcome To The Show"! WATCH HERE! Treating rock n roll like she deserves - rocking with her inside an RV and showing their listeners they are who they are and they embrace the very essence of rock. No apologies - this is Testarossa.

"The video/song combines a clever story with a hard rocking classic sounding song with a modern flair. Make sure and play it twice. Once to hear the song and another to watch the video." - Brutal Planet Magazine

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