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Texas Murder Crew return with Wrapped In Their Blood, their stunning new opus of death metal


When Kevin Clark – one half of the guitar team responsible for Devourment’s legendary Molesting The Decapitated debut – announced his new band, Texas Murder Crew in 2018 it was immediately obvious that this was one axe-man who still had a lot to say when it came to brutal death metal. The first Texas Murder Crew release was the 2020 EP, Everyone’s Last Breath and it explored new territories of brutality, adding unnerving, absorbing atmosphere to those patented Clark riffs. Now it’s time for the next chapter in this story of agony and annihilation – Wrapped In Their Blood.

Texas Murder Crew’s full length debut builds on all the potential and dark promise of Everyone’s Last Breath and delivers a sonic experience of wild violence that pours from the speakers and ensnares the listener, binding them in barbed wire riffs and drowning them in nightmares. The brilliant use of synths and samples adds depth and dimensions to the Texas Murder Crew sound, giving the songs a ghastly life, enshrouding them in a malevolent miasma that makes Wrapped In Their Blood so much more than a simple exercise in bludgeon and battery. Make no mistake, songs like ‘Mutual Combat’ hit you with an unholy force that few bands can come close to, but as the three part album title track unfolds, the additional power of Texas Murder Crew is revealed. Fearsome, all consuming and heavier than hell, Wrapped In Their Blood is the album that this year’s brutal death metal releases will be measured against.

Together, Comatose Music and Texas Murder Crew are an irresistible force and when Wrapped In Their Blood is unleashed on May 20th the repercussions will be felt throughout the brutal death metal scene. Prepare to be lead down the darkest alleyways, to witness acts of utter inhumanity, to lose your mind in a deluge of horrors...and love every minute of it.

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