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The Ascendend: Melbourne's Metal Quartet Release New Single/Lyric Video for Embrace the Suffering

The Ascendend: Melbourne's Metal Quartet Release New Single/Lyric Video for Embrace the Suffering & New Album The Dark Out 17th of September

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Melbourne metal quartet The Ascended is set to release their upcoming album The Dark independently on September 17th, 2021. The band released an official music video on their YouTube channel for the title track The Dark a month ago and now the releasing a lyric video for track Embrace the Suffering.

Or stream the song on Spotify.

A statement from the band:

The Ascended are taking back Metalcore! The genre “Metalcore” has been claimed by bands that simply do not fit the label. We don’t have a stylistic home because so many bands have adopted the title. We fit closest to thrash bands in this modern era, which is definitely not a bad thing; they riff like we do, but back 15 years ago, in the glory days of true Metalcore, we would fit right along side all of those bands.

If you look at the bands that really owned this genre back in the mid-2000s compared to the bands that are calling themselves Metalcore now, you couldn’t even have them on the same lineup.

We’re here to bring back the riffs to Metalcore, to bring back traditional breakdowns, clean vocal choruses. Everything we love about Classic Metalcore that fans of true Metalcore love, we’re bringing back with this record.


Mat Wale - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Corey Verhaegh - Guitar & Vocals

Braden Dawson - Bass

Jacob Mailes - Drums


The Ascended are a 4-piece metal outfit from Melbourne, Australia that was founded in 2014. Drawing influences from groove, thrash and melodic metal sub-genres, The Ascended strives to perform with a high level of energy, with riffs that stick in the listener’s head. Through 2014-2017, The Ascended released 2 EPs, a single and embarked on 3 major tours, taking their music across Australia.

2018 saw The Ascended release their debut album 'Awaken Within' and tour nationally in support of the release. Headstrong into 2019, The Ascended continued to play across the country before heading out on a headline tour of Japan in May. With the ‘Awaken Within’ album cycle now complete, the band released the single ‘Shadow Walker’ in December 2019, the first taste of what is to come with their sophomore record, due 2021.

The Ascended - Embrace the Suffering Official Lyric Video

The Ascended - The Dark Official Music Video

Tracklist - The Dark:

01. Blood Of The Father

02. The Dark

03. Anima Mea

04. Embrace The Suffering

05. Strength in Numbers

06. Hell and Back

07. Shadow Walker

08. Through It All

09. Impermanence

10. Death Reigns From Above

Pre-order the Album here:

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