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The Boogie Pop Assassin - Tears Of Gasoline debut album review

I have to start my review with an honest confession. It was only recently that I heard about this Tennessee based band first but I fell in love immediately. The debut album consists of six tracks and it is a killer one all throughout. It is labelled as classic rock, but honestly, I think it is not.

The first track I listened to was "Pissing On The Beast" which starts in a unique way (with a declaration of state of martial law). When the instrumentals and vocals kick in, the party starts. What I like most about this song is that the singer's voice reminds me of Lemm'y of Motörhead. I also have to highlight the guitar solo around the middle of the song. It's sexy.

"The Assassin" has a different tone. It's slower, and it has some rawness to it that I somehow can't describe with words.

The next one titled "Filth" can bring out the wild side of you. At least it did give me the feeling of standing up and getting rid of all my clothes while dancing to it. The title track gives me a kind of "Sweet Home Alabama" vibe with the difference that the vocals here remind me of the mixture of Lemmy and Axl's. Just like the next song, "Paper Flowers" which has a bit more of a nostalgic feels to it. I would say the last song "Break The Chains" must be one of my favorites off the whole album. It goes back to the raw, sexy sound we could hear in "Filth".

All in all, "Tears Of Gasoline" is a very diverse album which I would definitely recommend for you to listen to. I will definitely keep an eye on them in the future.

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