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The Fill Ins Release Their Single/Video "Long Way To Go"

"Perhaps the best way to describe The Fill Ins and their sound is simply: high energy rock n roll. They blend sharp riffs with fast pacing, slick guitar solos, and more than a little punk attitude." - CRAIG HARTRANFT; DANGERDOG MUSIC REVIEWS

The Fill Ins are here to bend the bars and strike the chords of raucous rock n roll.The Fill Ins are high-octane, vital rock n roll; exhibiting catchy guitar riffs and an unapologetic attitude. Their current single "Long Way To Go" off their fourth album Never Heard of ‘Em continues to show The Fill Ins influences have joined forces and are a spin pressed in colored vinyl, stream, and download.The Fill Ins are here to bring their brand of rock n roll to the people and set their rock n roll souls free. Spotify "Long Way To Go"

"We’re a fun rock n roll band! We enjoy making great memories with our friends and creating music to help escape away to. No political agenda, no hidden message, or deeper meaning; just a loud, unapologetical attitude driven rock n roll." - Alex Stiff The Fill Ins

Never Heard of ‘Em is the fourth full album now available from The Fill Ins under Hobo Wolfman Records. Pressed onto twelve inch vinyl in random colors, this new full length follows the release of their cassette tape EP No Love Lost in 2018, and their previous full album The Time Is Now in 2017.

The group recorded a batch of seven new songs with Alex Stiff on guitar and vocals, Mikey Black on lead guitar, and James “Captain” Nunn on bass. Guest vocal spots by Jeff Clayton of the legendary punk band ANTiSEEN are featured on “Return To Sender” and singer/songwriter Kelsey Ryan also worked alongside the band on “Thinkin’ About You”. In addition to implementing twelve string guitars, acoustic guitars, and other dynamic elements, this album showcases their rock n roll roots and the fun that can be had with the group. Elements of funk-rock can be heard with the lead-off song “Dangerous” along with memories of classic rock from “Personally and Dramatic” from the sounds of Thin Lizzy and KISS. The ending track, “Drown Your Blues”, rounds off the album with a slow cut in reflection of their journey as a band so far. The lead single “Return To Sender” showcases a little bit of everything that can be expected from the record with catchy riffs, tambourines/shakers/claps, and expanded vocal ranges, showing that the band is far from slowing down. “Long Way To Go” is the second single selected due to be released; filled with fun nature and catchy lyrics.

This record also features three songs from the No Love Lost EP which is exclusive to the vinyl pressing only. Not part of the digital release. Never Heard of ‘Em marks the first release from the band on twelve inch vinyl; an accomplishment the group is very excited for and proud of. Pressed to random color vinyl and released on Hobo Wolfman Records, no two records will be alike, providing a fun experience for the listeners. Fans can compare their vinyl colors on social media with the hashtag: #thefillins.

Online orders are shipping now and purchases can be made at Additionally, the record can also be found at local shops in Charlotte, NC and Chicago, IL in late March of 2020.

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