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The Intemperate Sons Release New Single "Game of Keep Away" via FRAME|WORK

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"Game of Keep Away" can be streamed at:

Indie rock band The Intemperate Sons released the title track from their highly anticipated new album Game of Keep Away that will be released to all major platforms via FRAME|WORK in the fall of 2023. The band is in the early stages of planning a fall run of shows on the west coast.

The boys in The Intemperate Sons traveled to CA to record this track at MAPS Studio at the direction of Amir Derakh (Julien-K, Orgy, Dead by Sunrise) and Ryan Shuck (Julien-K, Adema, Orgy, Dead by Sunrise). This is the first time, and definitely not the last, having Amir and Ryan at the producer helm and was an amazing collaborative experience. Amir joined Jake and Max on guitar to contribute to the track as well. The Intemperate Sons shot a video to support the release at Prophecy Film Studio that will be released on May 12th, 2023.

“Game of Keep Away” is the story of the struggle to dig out of hole created by one’s own destructive behavior. The Intemperate Sons release all their music through the Frame|Work record label at the direction of Amir Derakh, Ryan Shuck, and Denny Sanders at The Label Group.

The Intemperate Sons emerged onto the rock scene in the summer of 2019 in Dallas, TX, to bring their distinct sound to the genre. A deep love for music brought family members Keith Watson (drums), Jake Watson (guitars) and Max Watson (vocals, guitars, keys) together along with close friend Mark Marks, who provides the groove on bass to unite everything together.

Keith is well acquainted with entertaining massive crowds of concert goers and has played with many successful bands in Dallas, such as Gun Hill, Natural Born Thrillers and Agents of Solace, on top of opening for Lynch Mob, Joe Lynn Turner and Sponge. He is the primary lyricist for the band and has written the music for some of their most successful songs, including “Dust to Dust,” “The Color Within,” and “Unrealized.” Multi-talented and gifted with the ability to play various instruments, Max is also the lead vocalist of the group. Along with being musically dexterous, he has also collaborated with Keith to write lyrics on the released songs “Going Crazy” and “Way Back When.” In the studio, Max usually surmounts expectations and goes above and beyond to prepare prior to a session with his own vocal harmonies.

Jake is the song architect of the Sons and extremely instrumental in the crafting of the music. His inventive ways of bringing lyrics to life in clever ways are unprecedented and fascinating to see in the studio setting. He is a prolific writer of music as well and is credited with helping create the songs “What’s Done is Done,” “Remission,” “Way Back When” and “Wading in the Gray.” Both Max and he play lead guitar on many of the songs as well. The other members of the band fondly refer to him as the “art director” since he enjoys taking charge in those areas for the group. Prolific and unifying, Mark is an accomplished bass player and well known in Dallas. He was in the regionally successful band, Haggard, and had opened for Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. His input in song writing has been invaluable to the process of creating captivating melodies.

Despite the pandemic putting a pause on many major events, The Intemperate Sons lived up to their name and let nothing hold them back from making music. Constantly hard at work in the studio, they have collaborated with Amir Derakh (Julien-K, Dead by Sunrise, Orgy, Rough Cutt) and Ryan Shuck (Julien-K, Adema, Dead by Sunrise, Orgy). Both have lent their musical talents to various songs and ultimately have brought the Sons on to their label, Frame|Work. This led the band to also recently join the management roster at The Label Group. Ryan worked with Amir to produce the band’s upcoming track, “Game of Keep Away,” and has had a huge impact on the group. He’s been especially influential on Max’s vocal melodies and delivery. Amir also plays guitar on this latest ballad and has been mixing all of the band’s music as well as performing on multiple songs.

Another notable collaboration has been with Tony Franklin (The Firm, Roy Harper, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Whitesnake), primarily on the first album, The Color Within. He has been a valuable friend of the band and has played bass on some of their best tracks from that album, including “Running Man,” “Dust to Dust” and “The Color Within.”

The Intemperate Sons’ take on alternative rock is a dark and powerful concoction of hard rock mixed with folk and grunge concepts. The band has earned a serious reputation for writing and performing tracks that scratch deep into the backbone of the human experience. There is no shortage of darkness in their writing style, which has a retro vibe with many guitar-driven tracks stacked on top of a groovy rhythm section. The heavier style fits perfectly with the two and three-part vocal harmonies that are a huge part of their overall sound. It has been said that musicians that are related form unique sounds and communicate at a frequency only they can understand. This frequency has become engrained in their songwriting, arrangements, guitar melodies and vocal harmonies. The band has been compared to Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and even R.E.M.

After a successful show at The Viper Room in Hollywood, CA, the band plans to do some regional shows in Texas and then head out West this year as well. Please get in touch if you would like to interview the band.

The Intemperate Sons are: Max Watson (vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keys, bass) Jake Watson (guitars, bass and backing vocals) Keith Watson (drums, backing vocals) Mark Marks (bass)

The Intemperate Sons Show Dates: Fri June 2 @ Red Zeppelin Records in McKinney, TX Fri June 2 @ O'Riley's in Dallas, TX Sat June 17 @Fireplace Lounge in Dallas, TX Sat Sep 16 @ Hanovers Draught Haus in Pflugerville, TX Sat Sep 30 @ O'Riley's on Dallas, TX Sat Oct 14 @ Six Springs Tavern (Private Event) in Richardson, TX

For More Information Please Visit: The Intemperate Sons Official Website Facebook Instagram TikTok YouTube Spotify Merch Store FRAME|WORK FRAME|WORK Website FRAME|WORK Instagram

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