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The Nocturnal Broadcast Release LP "null"

The Nocturnal Broadcast Release LP "null"

Photo: Ari Ross

Indie rock band The Nocturnal Broadcast have released her new LP "null," available on all digital platforms NOW. "We have worked tirelessly to make something that is unquestionably the most nuanced, sonically and lyrically, well-produced (thanks to the likes of Ben Livingston, Sam Skinner, and Jeremy Kinney), and authentic work that we have made to date," the band says of "null". The development of the band's sound has been evolutionary, landing on a blend of focused lyrical expression and multiple branches of rock. Their roots stick firmly in progressive indie, but on "null," The Nocturnal Broadcast emphasizes the integration of collaboration and creating a body of work that is more than the sum of its' parts. About the album, the band states:

“null is a collection of songs with foci drifting between reconciling self with the outside world and reconciling self with the self. How does one define the borders of their “self” (as they see themselves) and how the outside world views them? Which holds more “truth?” It’s more an exploration of dealing with those questions, as opposed to a guide on how to answer them.”

Touting a unique blend of progressive, math, and roots-based rock, The Nocturnal Broadcast has affectionately been dubbed “math-folk.” The Nocturnal Broadcast always aims for honest and authentic expression, placing a heavy emphasis on articulating the more contemplative aspects of living. When paired with sonic realms ranging from frenetic and desperate to ethereal and wistful, topics the likes of depression, anxiety, Self, and existentialism are brought to life.

Their latest release has been a multi-faceted exercise in relinquishing creative control and the result is a more nuanced and detailed album than ever before. They worked with Ben Livingston, Earthship Studios & Relatives, in the recording phase; Sam Skinner, Pinegrove, in the mixing phase; and Jeremy Kinney, Forth Wanderers LP, in the mastering phase. Perhaps most importantly, null consists of compositions which relied heavily on the collaborative effort of the full quartet.

The Nocturnal Broadcast - "Snowed In"


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