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The Poconos Accept a Great Fill-In Vocalist Performance on "Too Mean to Die Tour"

Despite Accept vocalist Mark Tornillo having to sit out due to illness, the band still rolled through with a guest vocalist and Narcotic Wasteland in tow on October 20th to give PA a show.


The death metal foursome opened up the set with a performance demanding to be heard. While a good portion of the crowd seemed unfamiliar with the group, Narcotic Wasteland had them sold and headbanging by the end of their set. Guitarist and vocalist Dallas Toler-Wade (formerly of Nile) knew how to bring people in between the grateful smiles he shared with the fans mid-solos and the commanding presence he held the rest of their performance.

For an Accept show, they were (stylistically) a different choice that played in the tour's favor.


Accept did a wonderful job of making a performance work without their frontman holding the reigns. Rather than cancelling another performance, they tweaked their setlist to just Accept classics (like "Balls to the Wall") and invited Dangerous Toys singer Jason McMaster to take charge. And, even though the request was a bit last-minute, the crowd would have never picked out any nerves McMaster may have had about his first show of a few filling in.

Everyone played their part precisely, but the fun energy between guitarists Wolf Hoffman and Philip Shouse stood out. There were a lot of smiles between them, and their individual energies shined just as bright as those smiles did. You can tell the Accept lineup today has a great time together, which made their set all the more interesting to watch.

Make sure to check these guys out on the rest of their tour this fall, if you have not done so yet!

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