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The Robot's Guide To Living Release New Single "Goodbye, Goodnight"

The Robot's Guide To Living Release New Single "Goodbye, Goodnight"

Pop punk band The Robot's Guide To Living have released their new single "Goodbye, Goodnight," out on all digital platforms NOW. The next piece of their upcoming LP (TBA), "Goodbye, Goodnight" is an emotionally-charged rock and roll track that stems from personal experiences with losing loved ones. The Robot's Guide To Living always approach their creativity with a multi-generational angle, utilizing influences that span across many eras of rock music. "Goodbye, Goodnight" gives a small taste of that variety, but packs a raw, powerful, and punky punch. About "Goodbye, Goodnight," the band states:

"Goodbye, Goodnight" is about loss of loved ones, Specifically through intentional suicide and accidental drug overdose. It was inspired by, and is dedicated to, two of our close friends that we have lost recently for these exact reasons. The song deals with the anger, frustration and sadness in feeling that we will never know what lead to those decisions and if there was anything that we could have done to get them the help they needed.

Pop punk disciples The Robot’s Guide To Living take on the genre with exuberance. Their breezy approach to creating music together is based on one simple rule - having genuine fun. The Southern Utah five piece originally formed as a duo in 2007, and have experienced many eras of rock music through their own evolution. After regularly touring the Southwest US region and releasing multiple records through the now-defunct Dook Records, The Robot’s Guide To Living laid the band to rest from 2012 - 2018.

Initially re-forming as a duo after their hiatus, The Robot’s Guide To Living put emphasis on recording and releasing catchy new music, and dropped an album in 2020 titled “Mayday”. However, shortly after the album’s release, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and the band sought out to complete their lineup. Now a fresh five piece, The Robot’s Guide To Living confidently approach their punky sound with zest. The band's first offering with their refreshed lineup, "Cure Me" was released in August 2021, and is an ambitious take on multi-generational rock. Daring, striking, and punchy, "Cure Me", shows The Robot's Guide To Living at their most authentic, using the wide generational gap between their oldest and youngest members to a unique advantage.

As they gear up to release a new album, The Robot’s Guide To Living aim to maintain their tenacious core by keeping things unconventionally fun.


The Robot's Guide To Living - "Goodbye, Goodnight"


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