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THE SPIDER HOLE Releases Official Music Video for "The Leviathan Stomp"

"The Leviathan Stomp" Premiered on Dread Central

To the Monsters LP & Graphic Novel Out NOW!


June 24, 2019 - Phoenix, AZ based Cinematic Alternative Rock band THE SPIDER HOLE has released the official music video for "The Leviathan Stomp," the first video off of their hotly anticipated new LP with graphic novel, To the Monsters. Directed by Johnny Wilkerson and front-man Ethan Scott, "The Leviathan Stomp" was exclusively premiered on Dread Central.

“The song 'The Leviathan Stomp' is about a wealthy, uptight family who keeps its monstrously deformed son chained up in the basement of their opulent mansion. Naturally, one day the son breaks loose. The “stomp” is him coming up the stairs. We didn't have access to a mansion or a monster or a rich person, so for the video we just kind of cherry picked the themes of chaos, disease, and duality, and threw it all in a blender. Also, stairs. We found some stairs.” - The Spider Hole

Track List:

1. Werewolf Biker Bastard

2. Still Draw Breath

3. The Skeleton Wedding

4. Hungover at the Eel God Festival

5. Rock, Your Body

6. Chomp-Chomp

7. The Goat Witch of Cornman Road

8. The Leviathan Stomp

9. Devil By a Nail

10. The People Who Come Out of the Ceiling

11. Night of the Nighty-Night Slasher

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