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THIEF release second video single 'Teenage Satanist'

THIEF unveil second video single 'Teenage Satanist' taken from forthcoming new album "The 16 Deaths of My Master"

THIEF have revealed the second disturbing and enigmatic video for the track 'Teenage Satanist' as the second single taken from their forthcomingalbum "The 16 Deaths of My Master", which is scheduled for release on August 27, 2021. The Californian experimental electronic project of multi-instrumentalist Dylan Neal has previously released cover art, tracklist, and further details of the new full-length,which can all be viewed below.

The fascinating video 'Teenage Satanist' is now available via the following link:

THIEF band pictures and graphic materials are available at this link: (click here for Dropbbox)

THIEF 'Teenage Satanist' taken from the album "The 16 Deaths of My Master"

THIEF comment: "The song 'Teenage Satanist' paints a portrait of the artist as a young inebriated creature", mastermind Dylan Neal delivers a hint to the riddle. "Deviation his sword and contrarian his shield, he fell upon that, which he wielded and thus blamed the Lord. In the video a creature cavorts inside a church that no one owns. Filmed in a strange orthodox church deep in the barren desert, they have no members or congregation, but still hold evening vespers."

Video credits 'Teenage Satanist'

Directed by Sean Sweetman & Dylan Neal

Shot and edited by: Sean Sweetman

Dancer: Kate Coleman


1. Underking

2. Bootleg Blood

4. Scorpion Mother

5. Fire in the Land of Endless Rain

6. Gorelord

8. Night Spikes

9. Victim Stage Left

10. Wing Clipper

11. Grave Dirt

12. Lover Boy

13. Crestfaller

14. Life Clipper

15. Cannibalism

16. Seance for Eight Oscillators

THIEF have already gained cult status among the initiated, which might be taken quite literally considering that the backbone of their sound has been formed by manipulated sacred chant and choral samples. Although the project of American multi-instrumentalist Dylan Neal from Los Angeles, California continues along this path, his third album "The 16 Deaths of My Master" surprises with a much heavier use of original instrumentation such as strings, organ, harpsichord, bass, guitar, and other hardware synths.

The reason for this twist in dynamics, which makes "The 16 Deaths of My Master" more accessible, aggressive, and straightforward in comparison to its two predecessors is to some extent influenced by THIEF's experience performing their first two albums live and looking to re-create the intensity experienced on stage that their shows have become known for.

Lyrically, "The 16 Deaths of My Master" is heavily drawing from dreams and a generally more personal approach including topics such as rebellion, grief, addiction, mysticism, and spiritual horror. "Relating to the album title, ' The 16 Deaths of My Master', each track may be considered to be a 'master' that upon its death either sets free the servant or the student then becomes the teacher", explains Dylan by offering a riddle: "Or maybe they just become lost, because they have both relied on something other than themselves for too long."

Such illuminating thoughts are probably less surprising when considering that Dylan lives at a Zen Buddhist temple along with THIEF live bassist Chris Hackman, where both participate in residential training. The mastermind recorded and mixed most of the album in his apartment. The other 10% were conceived in a cabin in the woods to which Dylan had hauled all of his gear into. Of the originally 24 tracks that were written between 2018 and 2020, he decided to use only 16 on "The 16 Deaths of My Master". The sparkling, crisp sound of the album might contradict its "home recording" history, but Dylan recruited literally a master of his trade for the mastering process in the person of John Greenham at Clearlight Mastering, Los Angeles, CA. John has collaborated with artists ranging from THE LOCUSTS via KATY PERRY and MARY J BLIGE to receiving three Grammy Awards in 2019 honouring his contributions for BILLIE EILISH.

Dylan Neal first made himself a name as a musician by playing hammered dulcimer in San Francisco-based experimental black metal outfit BOTANIST from whom he recruited THIEF live-drummer Robert Chiang. Although Dylan officially parted ways amicably from his former band mates, he still contributed from the background as a "silent" member – for example by writing the dulcimer and bass parts for the BOTANIST album "The Shape of He to Come". This continued relationship is also beautifully demonstrated by the BOTANIST & THIEF split-album "Cicatrix/Diamond Brush", which will be released in parallel and as a companion to "The 16 Deaths of My Master".

Eager to explore his own way, Dylan released "Thieves Hymn in D Minor" (2016) and "Map of Lost Keys" (2019) under the banner of THIEF. Although his electronic music is inspired in his own words by such ground-breaking acts as PORTISHEAD and ULVER, while critics also found traces of TOOL, NINE INCH NAILS, and TEARS FOR FEARS, THIEF accomplished the rare feat to gain recognition and leave an impact in the metal world by scoring features in leading US print magazine Decibel among others.

With "The 16 Deaths of My Master", THIEF return in an even heavier incarnation than ever.

Release date: August 27, 2021 Line-upDylan Neal – everything

Style: Experimental Electronics Recorded, produced & mixed by Dylan Neal in his apartment in Los Angeles, CA Mastered by John Greenham at Clearlight Mastering, Los Angeles, CA Vinyl Master by Nick Townsend Artwork by Joseba Eskubi Layout by Luis Cuervo Album design by Dylan Neal Links Pre-sale link Band pictures and graphic materials (click here for Dropbox) Available formats "The 16 Deaths of My Master" is available as Gatefold 2-LP on 180g ocean blue vinyl and on 180g black vinyl, and as Digipak CD.

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