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This Summer Premiere New Single "The Rabbit Hole"

This Summer Premiere New Single "The Rabbit Hole"

Emo alternative band This Summer have released their new single "The Rabbit Hole," available on all digital platforms NOW. “The Rabbit Hole” leads off their upcoming debut album (more info TBA), and introduces their new music in an emotionally captivating light. According to the band, "The Rabbit Hole" is a reflection of coping with PTSD, specifically living with a loved one with substance abuse issues. The lyrics depict a scene of watching someone slowly deteriorate as your tolerance for their reckless decisions grows thin, as well as coping with the loss of said loved one due to their dependency. A fresh take on their revamped, modern rock sound, "The Rabbit Hole" finds This Summer in their most genuine state - gripping, open, and incredibly bold. About "The Rabbit Hole", the band states:

We’ve come to a new understanding of what our sound should be, I think The Rabbit Hole accentuates that perfectly and will be a turning a point for this band. All the singles off the new album really show how far we’ve come as songwriters since our EP and how we’ve grown together as a band. We’ve not only strengthened our sound, we’ve become closer friends.

This Summer are entirely their own. The five-piece emo/alternative band from Ohio aims to remain diverse, keeping Midwestern emo influences in their sound while simultaneously having fun with being gutsy.

In need of a reset, This Summer swapped their nostalgic hard rock sound in early 2020 for an angstier, feisty, modern clash of driving melodies and emotionally gripping vocals. The band has not been shy about bringing deep and emotionally enriching lyrics to the modern rock scene. Looking to destigmatize the issues of depression, abuse, regret and longing, This Summer brings these human emotions to the forefront of their lyricism in hopes of connecting with listeners on an engaging level.

Unable to access a studio, the band’s current lineup initially spent the start of the COVID-19 pandemic recording, completing an EP in just 2 months. Their new tracks placed emphasis on retaining the cozy feeling of nostalgia and implementing soft colors into their branding. Their new single “The Rabbit Hole,” released on August 27th, is filled with dark emo flavors, accentuating the band’s ability to evolve past nostalgia. A fresh take on Midwestern rock, This Summer is always expanding.



This Summer - "The Rabbit Hole"


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