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Tiger Sex

Live ROCKNROLL band Originally from Vegas. Moved to the Midwest and toured all over the USA including Alaska, Mexico, Canada and Europe.

Tiger Sex formed in Las Vegas in 2013. Kelly (vocals) has always been tattooed in Tiger Stripes for years and as they ate at a buffet it was something to do with outer space but then we thought sex went good with it since everyone enjoys it. Tiger Sex was born

Their album “Weirdo”. GG Allen’s original guitarist William recorded it. They play out so often and went so hard for awhile but plan to take the time to put some singles out here in a minute!

I talked to Kelly recently about how she got into doing music and her inspirations this is what the lovely punk lady had to say: I’ve always loved music listens to a lot of blues, 60s pop/rock, 70s punk and my dad always showed me guitar licks and wrote music. I was never confident to do it myself, I was a dark soul, .. I was a outcast and shy .. I started reaching out to musicians in FL when I lived there (originally from NJ) but decided to move to experience a different city I was burnt out there.. I moved to Vegas and met musicians there. Kei (guitar) was in a cool band called Tinglerz and they inspired me... I thought this band is Rock’n’Roll and I want to be a part of it! We ended up hanging and covering some songs but before I knew it I was writing originals and singing them with Kei.. it just grew from there and here we are!!

This band has been on my radar for a long time. Kelly's vocals and stage presence are out of this world. She doesn't try to be anything, she just attacks the stage and gives her all. The passion through the entire band is so infectious. If you're sleeping on this band I highly suggest you take time to listen to them. They're so much fun and so damn passionate.

So what's 2020 hold for Tiger Sex?

Kelly said "Definitely change. Our music has been growing and we’ve been adding in new songs. Our music is slowly evolving and will be a little different then the rest of our stuff but keeping it raw. We plan to put out some singles and new videos and hope to travel abroad again as well!! You never know with us, we’re unpredictable! "

Make sure keep a eye out at for all the latest info on these babes!!

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