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Too Close For Comfort- Burn Bright Review

Too Close for Comfort is not only the band's name but also a common theme among pop punk artists when screaming their catchy lyrics and melodic power chord progressions into a symphony of angst and simplicity.

This past Summer, Too Close for Comfort released Burn Bright, one of their newly awaited singles. It follows the traditional paths of pop punk with that almost whiney, grainy sound as the lead singer pours his heart into the vocals. The background has a nearly atmospheric element, where you usually find fast-paced power chords, palm-muted with a distorted edge. You hear the melodic simplicity of guitars and the use of single notes and chords together as if Sticky Fingers chose pop punk over Indie.

We Only Live Here on This Planet for So Long, TCFC's newly released EP, uses those lyrics of feeling not welcome, being angry, and simply not fitting in, almost like everyone else in the genre. But what sets them apart is that the whiny grainy sound isn't too much. You see a lot of Pop Punk stuff like Machine Gun Kelly. Where the sound is overproduced, and the vocals are so whiny, like punk decided to use autotune like a rapper. It creates an almost unauthentic sound and acts as if they're trying to be something they are not.

They may not, at this moment, be coming up with anything we haven't heard before. Still, their atmospheric pop punk Deftonesy like instrumentals are sure to stand out in the scene and be something to listen to and watch. These guys are surely true to their genre and create a unique sound to jump into.

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