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"Too early, too fast" A rock n roll artistic biography by Anna Achimowicz

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Hey Rock n Rollers,

So I have started to write an auto-biography after I turned 30, or was that even before that? Thats right. An auto-bio but while still living. Since I've been on the road ever since I was a kid, all I know is a multicultural upbringing, living on train stations, airports and hotels, and waking up in a different city each weekend. Creativity is what drives me. What makes me breath, so does being on stage.

And speaking of stage. It's in my blood and in my DNA. I call it my natural habitat if you will.

I decided to sum up the past years of my performing career, there are so many stories and so many experiences only one could spend more than a lifetime to describe or write about. All that happened until today has two big chapters.

Before Rock Dance Theatre and after Rock Dance Theatre.

I'll be publishing so chapters as blog posts and shorter articles, just to get the ball rolling. Cause one I've started to write I figured, Man! I'm never gonna publish this am I?

There are way too much stories and more and more keep coming in. How I did my first solo at age 11 in Japanese butoh style, or grew up seeing Las Vegas at age 4, or single handedly divorced my parents, or the time I lived in the Opera House for 4 months, or that other time I met Johnny Depp twice, and finally...lived to see my grandmother turn 100 years old and me work with the band Disturbed both in one year.

Yes ladies and gentleman, all of this happened in one lifetime.

But let me just start off at the beginning.

"Too early, Too fast" - this is my PRE-publishing artistic biography by Anna Achimowicz

Hope you Enjoy!

A. / Rock Dance Theatre

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