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TRAGUL Release Music Video for the Epic song, "The Hummingbird"

Metal visionary band TRAGUL recently released a music video for the single “The Hummingbird. Which was produced by the band, and mixed and mastered by their long time collaborator the grammy nominated producer Jacob Hansen (Epica, Amaranthe, Volbeat) at Hansen Studios in Denmark. "The Hummingbird" video was conceived once again by the talented producer, Ingo Spörl, from Hard Media. Who previously worked with the band on "Inside the Mirror" back in October 2018. Ingo is known for his work with bands such as Rhapsody of Fire, Epica, Avantasia, Edguy, Sonata Artica, Blind Guardian, Sabaton, Axel Rudi Pell, Serious Black, Accept, Sirenia, Helloween and many more.

"The Hummingbird" is a tasteful song that artfully showcases a softer side of the band. But with the characteristic soulful arrangements, the beautiful instrumentation and the sound vision of Tragul. The band once again delivers a song big on melody. The synths stand out through out the song, creating a strong atmosphere. With the enchanting vocals of Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica) bringing a mixture of softness and brightness giving a perfect symbiosis with the foundation by drummer Sander Zoer (ex Delain), bassist Oliver Holzwarth (ex Tarja, ex Blind Guardian) and guitarists Diego Bogarín and Steve Conley (Flotsam and Jetsam). A balance that exemplifies what the song is: magical and authentic. Also the well represented lyrics with profound and emotional meaning, alternating between English and Spanish.

"The Hummingbird" will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and all the major digital stores and streaming services from February 25th, 2019.   

"I am very excited about this release, like a circle, everything is connected and returns to the start, THE HUMMINGBIRD has the essence of "Nostalgia" the opener from the last year (2018). Its a special song that shows another side as a band. I am very proud to present to you the music video for our brand new track THE HUMMINGBIRD, which is in my opinion THE BEST VIDEO we've ever released until today." - Adrian Benegas (founder, keyboardist and composer of TRAGUL)

About The Band

 TRAGUL is an international music project created by keyboardist and composer Adrian Benegas. As befits such a musically innovative band, TRAGUL explores new nontraditional worlds when it comes to getting their music heard. TRAGUL’s releases come in a unique “song-by-song” format on Youtube and all the major digital platforms.

As if this were not enough, TRAGUL features a powerhouse of talented guest musicians such as:

2017: Vocals - Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica) Guitars - Steve Conley (Flotsam and Jetsam) Bass - Oliver Holzwarth (Ex Blind Guardian, ex Tarja) Drums - Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody)

2018: Vocals - Zuberoa Aznarez (Diabulus in Musica) Guitars - Steve Conley (Flotsam and Jetsam) Guitars - Diego Bogarín Bass - Oliver Holzwarth (Ex Blind Guardian, ex Tarja) Drums - Sander Zoer (ex Delain) 

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