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TRIGGER POINT Re-Release Debut Album 'A Silent Protest' Along with Single “Picking Up The Pieces"


FFO: Deftones, Poison the Well, Thrice, Periphery, Glassjaw, Taproot

"Trigger Point seamlessly blends the hardest of metal with scathing melodies to create a true aural assault."

"Trigger Point picks up the pieces of a genre of music where emotion is expressed through aggressiveness, and musicianship becomes adapted to the mainstream."

Trigger Point formed in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, and independently released their debut album A SILENT PROTEST, produced and mixed by Logan Mader (Five finger death punch, Machine Head), in 2003, before signing to Corporate Punishment Records who re-released it Worldwide in 2005. The album quickly garnered (inter) national attention, as the band toured nationally through the 2000s, sharing stages with the likes of 36 Crazyfists, Shenoah, Hatebreed, Motorhead, Meshuggah, Otep, Devil Driver, and more, with fans drawn to their fresh mix of thrashy, screamo-tinged, melodic hard rock, that, while keeping up, diverged from the dominant nu-metal of the day.

A Silent Protest became an underground favorite, and in 2007 the band entered the studio with Producer Shaun Lopez (Crosses, Far, Deftones), to record their critically acclaimed follow-up Giving up the Ghost, but unable to secure a new label partner after the demise of the band’s label, Corporate Punishment Records, Trigger Point went on an indefinite hiatus.

In 2014, the band once-again partnered with Corporate Punishment’s Thom Hazaert, and independently released Giving Up The Ghost, debuting with a full album premiere on REVOLVER MAGAZINE, (who also premiered the track “Letters To The Living”, and the video for “Cabin Song”), and brought the band international attention once again. Released before the advent of the streaming era, A Silent Protest has been noticeably absent from modern streaming services for the last 2 decades. Now the band has secured the rights to the recordings and answered the demands of fans around the world to finally bring this lost cult-classic album back to the masses. Trigger Point has also re-released the fan favorite “Picking up the Pieces” as a new single, as well as a new video (Directed by Rob Montague) consisting of archive tour and studio footage. "'Picking up the Pieces' is one of the most meaningful songs on the album. It speaks of someone who despite being hurt and knocked down over and over again, they are still willing to pick themselves up and keep going. It was deeply personal to me then and still rings true now. Releasing this album has been a long time in the making and it’s great to give the fans what they have been asking for all these years," says Taylor Wallace, the band's vocalist.

A Silent Protest is out now on all streaming platforms. For More Information Please Visit: Spotify Facebook Instagram

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