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UK Alternative Metal Band JUNCTION 28 Sign With Wormholedeath


JUNCTION 28 have signed with Wormholedeath a licensing deal for the reissue of their EP "Before You Drown", due for re-release on April 29th, 2022.

Combining raw, energetic performances with their own distinct musical flair, Junction 28 are paving the way as an influential alternative rock band for the modern generation. Since joining forces in 2019, the group has captivated fans with their signature sound and entrancing stage presence. New listeners will be hooked from the first note.

JUNCTION 28 signing statement:"We at Junction 28 are immensely proud to be sharing the next stage in our journey with WormHoleDeath. Partnering with this record label is a massive step forwards and we are incredibly excited for the bright future ahead of us."

“Before You Drown” is our first EP, conceived largely during the initial stages of lockdown. The project shifts our sound into a new spectrum, with a distinct focus on dynamic song-writing, electronic sound-design and atmosphere, all the while making sure to retain our penchant for hefty riffs and soaring melodies. Lyrically we turned our eyes inwards, reflecting on the personal issues and mental struggles that have permeated our everyday lives over the past year in a way we hope is both relatable and incisive. Bands such as Linkin Park, Bring Me the Horizon, Deftones and Don Broco were always in our minds during the writing process, though we also drew heavy inspiration from a wide sphere of genre influences, including alternative rock, heavy metal, electronica, synth-wave, and modern pop.

JUNCTION 28 is a band hailing from Essex in the UK. Aiming to combine huge riffs, dense electronics and soaring vocals into one cohesive aural assault, the group is now ready to show its new face to the world. Formed in 2018 by bassist Dick Phantom (Kieron Spears), it wasn’t long before the band began ploughing through venues across Essex and Greater London. Other Members include drummer Ben Woodwards, guitarist Gary Digby, synth player Kit Sylvester and lead singer Craig Keeling. Their first EP, “Before You Drown'' has been recorded at 'Hidden Track' Studios in Folkestone with producer Oz Craggs, the project weaves together the new and the familiar, its five tracks speak to a plethora of topics drawn from the band member’s own lives and personal struggles. Junction 28 is managed by UAC management and will be appearing in music venues in the very near future.

Line up:

Craig Garrick -Lead Singer

Kit Sylvester - Synth / Electronics / Screams

Dick Phantom - Bass Guitar

Gary Digby - Guitarist

Ben - Drummer

Watch "Walls" Official Music Video

“Before You Drown” Cover & Tracklist

1. Exist / Forget

2. Suffocate

3. Edge Of Hatred

4. Don't Say

5. Walls


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