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Velvet Skyline Announce Upcoming Single "Circles" and LP

Velvet Skyline Announce Upcoming Single "Circles" and LP "What We Have In Common"

Alternative rock band Velvet Skyline have announced the upcoming releases of their new single "Circles," out January 22nd, and LP "What We Have In Common," out February 5th. "Circles" serves as the LP's lead single, and will usher in the progressive and grunge influenced sound of the album. Led by lead vocalist Taylor Seerden, the quartet is full of fresh, youthful, punky energy. The entirety of the LP will take listeners on an emotional journey, telling an edged-out coming of age story through punk production. About the album, the band states:

"This album is all about growing into yourself. There are themes of falling in love, as well as falling out of love; themes of becoming an adult and realizing how tough it can be. This is an album for anyone who may be lost now, but knows that sooner or later things are going to make sense, and everything will be okay."

Velvet Skyline is a female fronted, modern-alternative-rock band with grunge influences. The band was formed by lead guitarist Hunter Puentes and by vocalist Taylor Seerden in Victoria, Texas in 2017. Soon after the band got together, bassist Nate Martinez joined, and they started booking shows, mostly as a cover band, just wanting to play in front of a crowd. Eventually their quest for musical permanence led them to Denton, TX, a small college town with an active music scene, they found their current drummer, Chris Ortiz, who brings a solid punk influence to the group. Together they wrote their full length album “What We Have in Common,” which is set to debut in February of this year. The band cites active influences of grunge, progressive and alternative rock throughout the whole album. Velvet Skyline uses music as forms of escape and therapy; using strong and vivid themes and imagery to celebrate empowerment, tackle past trauma and to show strength in uncertain times.

Velvet Skyline - "By My Side"


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