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Vexes “Imagine What we Could Destroy /// If Only Given Time” Album Review

By Taylor Cameron

The New Jersey based heavy rockers, VEXES, are back with their sophomore album “Imagine What we Could Destroy /// If Only Given Time”, a double album and follow up to their widely celebrated 2018 debut, “Ancient Geometry”. Twenty-Four songs deliciously encapsulate their influences (Deftones, Circa Survive, Thrive, etc..) while bringing new sounds to the table; keeping the band refreshing and new.

Heavy guitar tones and a stomping drum beat contrast with Charlie Berezanky’s (vocals, guitar) melodic vocals, bringing an interesting sound to the alternative metal genre. As they did with their debut, VEXES self-recorded and produced this album, leaving them with the ability to be creative and experimental. “We’re hoping that we can capture something with this record, a portrait of an unvarnished truth of what we have seen and experienced over these last few years” the band state. They discuss topics such as loss of human connection because of social media, the obsession society has with being seen and the hole of emptiness we’re always trying to fill, keeping the album raw and relatable. They were authentic with their lyrics, which makes this album even more enjoyable to listen to.

Beyond Sinking, Low Choices, The Dream Disease and Energy Vampires were the chosen singles for the album and are all uniquely different, while sharing the similarity of the beloved classic VEXES sound. The tracks introduce the album nicely while not giving too much away. The album is full of diversity and surprises that will please the ears of new and returning fans alike. Leaving the fans dry of new music for 3+ years, VEXES do not disappoint with their return to the alternative rock/metal scene. Growing both as people and musicians during the time between albums, the band is back better than ever. Jumping back in with a double album as their sophomore album, something their seniors, Guns ‘N’ Roses did back in the early ‘90s, is a bold move, however it is one they did well. The album is kick ass from start to finish and one you do not want to miss.

VEXES is: Charlie Berezanksy – vocals/guitar Justin Graves – drums John Klagholz – guitars Bobby Carpenter – bass Social Links Facebook: Spotify: Instagram:

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