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Vile Cynic - "Agony" (E.P.) - (Death/Thrash Metal)

Vile Cynic  - "Agony E.P. (Death Thrash Metal)

Chicago-based Vile Cynic have recently released their latest EP, Agony. With lyrical themes centred around suffering, torture, and the band’s personal experiences with suicide, this latest EP provides a powerful and deeply resonating message with a ferocious and relentless thrash/death assault.

Vile Cynic, emerging metal band based out of Chicago. Their dynamic blend of death and thrash metal was inspired by bands such as Pantera, Iron Maiden, Dissection, Vital Remains, Lamb of God and Behemoth. The combination of aggressive vocals, harmonic riffs, heavy bass, and powerful drums merge to form their savage sound.

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