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Viral Children’s Rock Band SHARKY SHARKY Reveals First Episode of Animated TV Series

Viral Children’s Rock Band SHARKY SHARKY Reveals First Episode of Animated TV Series Watch “The Adventures of Sharky Sharky” via SHARKY SHARKY YouTube Channel See SHARKY SHARKY Wow Simon Cowell with Spectacular “Britain’s Got Talent”

Children’s rock band and viral sensation SHARKY SHARKY, featuring a band of massively-costumed Sharks playing infectious, life-lesson-themed songs, has revealed “Hook, Line and Inker,” the pilot episode for their new TV show, The Adventures of Sharky Sharky.

Hotly tipped to be the next big thing, SHARKY SHARKY’s new TV show follows the Sharks on their adventures, as they play rock music around the world, meeting friends, foes and colorful characters.

Watch “Hook Line and Inker” via the SHARKY SHARKY YouTube channel at

SHARKY SHARKY is a project we have grown organically and worked extensively to build up over several years, with a passionate fan base all over the world,” says co-creator Fraser Edwards. “With 'The Adventures of Sharky Sharky' we feel like we finally have a vehicle to take SHARKY SHARKY to a global mainstream audience.”

SHARKY SHARKY’s aim is to inspire children to get into rock music - and perhaps even learn to play an instrument - and The Adventures of Sharky Sharky is certainly intended to be an entertaining watch for little ones, with more than enough jokes and references to keep the adults and entire family entertained too! Lighthearted and humorous, each episode of The Adventures of Sharky Sharky is centered around a song that the band performs, often at a turning point in the story and containing a moral or lesson. The multifaceted series also showcases diversity and fosters inclusivity. Although the band is made up of all male Sharks, women will be featured prominently as strong music industry characters during SHARKY SHARKY’s rock ‘n’ roll adventures.

Formed in 2013 in Aberdeen, Scotland, SHARKY SHARKY has already built up a massive following, most recently capturing the attention of Simon Cowell and winning over judges on the TV series Britain’s Got Talent. Watch the clip of SHARKY SHARKY performing their single “Bring the Rock,” which advanced the Sharks to the second round, for the panel of celebrity judges at

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