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Viral Guitar Sensation BERNTH Nearly Doubles Down on “Creeping Death” in this Fantastical Mock Metal

Faster than a Speeding Bullet and at Break Neck Speed… Viral Guitar Sensation BERNTH Nearly Doubles Down on “Creeping Death” in this Fantastical Mock Metallica Audition

Watch HERE

Watch the viral 30-second mock Metallica audition video from YouTube guitar sensation BERNTH:

"What would I play if Metallica gave me 30 seconds to audition? That question popped into my mind and I knew I just HAD to make this video!", says BERNTH. Since he uploaded his virtuosic take on the iconic "Creeping Death" guitar solo on YouTube, it went viral in a matter of hours and received hundreds of thousands of views, comments, and shares.

"I had to raise the tempo from 200 to 312 beats per minute to fit the entire solo into 30 seconds – as an additional challenge, I also included more sweep picking arpeggios, double-tapping lines, and other crazy techniques", BERNTH says. He has named Metallica as one of the biggest influences to pick up a guitar in multiple interviews and he's happy that the tribute reached so many watchers. "Without a doubt, Kirk is irreplaceable and I have amazing memories learning his solos as a teenager. I hope he gets to see this video someday and that he is proud of his influence on so many players across the world!", says BERNTH.

Following in the footsteps of his heroes, the YouTube star also released his debut album 'Elevation' in 2021, to much acclaim from his online audience. The instrumental guitar album took 4 years to finish and embodies the absolute dedication and perfectionism his viewership is already accustomed to. "Metallica is all about epic riffs and big guitar solos, which also describes what I'm going for with my own music. I'm happy that the album is received so well and I can't wait to release more music in 2022!", BERNTH says.

Stream BERNTH's debut album 'Elevation' here:

The album, box set, and merch can be purchased here:


Before focusing on his YouTube and Instagram presence, BERNTH mainly worked with the Austrian pop/rock act Seiler und Speer, playing on multiple gold and platinum-certified albums and singles in his home country. His roots lie in the extreme metal genre, where he started his career as a session/live guitar player for the Austrian band Belphegor in 2010. He also wrote David Hasselhoff's debut metal song “Through the Night” with his electronic metal project CueStack. Aside from his work on stage and in the studio, he is a double honor student of the Vienna Music Institute, where he studied jazz guitar and instrumental pedagogics. BERNTH has taught over 15,000 students in the last years with his online courses, “10 Steps to Modern Shredding” and “Sweep Picking Masterclass” on and with this weekly video lesson content on

BERNTH online:

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