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VULNIFICUS - INNOMINATION (Demo 2021) - (Brutal Death Metal)

VULNIFICUS - 'INNOMINATION' (Demo 2021) (Brutal Death Metal)

Release Date: November 26, 2021 Location: USA VULNIFICUS is a dynamic duo surfacing the roots of brutal death metal from the US. Formed in the fall of 2021 by W. Sherels - All Instruments (Urotherapy, Epidermolysis) and E.Browne - Vocals (Abolishing the Ignominious), VULNIFICUS attempts to push death metal back to its extreme limits with their debut, "INNOMINATION", releasing November 26 2021. INNOMINATION was recorded, mixed and mastered at Demolition Studios by W. Sherels with additional recording/mixing of vocals by E. Browne at BWNTWN STN. VULNIFICUS has just signed a deal to New Standard Elite, with a debut full length in the works for 2022.

Check out the video!

Band Lineup:

E.Browne - Vocals (Abolishing the Ignominious)

W. Sherels - All Instruments (Urotherapy, Epidermolysis

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