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Wave Break Release New EP "Puzzle Pieces"

Wave Break Release New EP "Puzzle Pieces"

Artwork: Holly Turner

Alternative rock project Wave Break have released their sophomore EP "Puzzle Pieces," out on all digital platforms NOW. The release of "Puzzle Pieces" has been led in by four monthly single releases, including the most recent, "Stop The Car". The EP is a colorful, bold collection of alternative-tinged tracks that all dip their toes into different elements of punk, emo, and pop. With each single leading up to the release of "Puzzle Pieces," lead vocalist Kelly Barber has shown a different (and incredibly seasoned) facet of Wave Break, which is now her solo project. "Puzzle Pieces" is unavoidable rock ear candy, and a record that alternative ears will sink their teeth into. About "Puzzle Pieces," Wave Break states:

This record is the culmination of a lot of things that have gone wrong in my life over the last few years since Wave Break first started. Lost friends, breakups, stalkers, toxic jobs, losing bandmates… A lot of it resulting in having to change my environment or in people leaving my life. It’s all about the importance of finding the right people and situations to surround yourself with, and the effect on your mental health as you’re figuring it all out. Not everyone in your life is truly there for you and not every opportunity you get is going to be best for you. It’s hard as hell, but it’s up to you to navigate through all of that and piece it all together.

Wave Break’s history is long and complicated, but there is one thing that has always been the same: frontwoman Kelly Barber has always been the driving force. After a series of lineup changes, she found herself as the only one in the band. Instead of calling it quits, this time she decided to continue on her own. 2018’s debut EP Armory introduced the band with a fierce, lively sound that spread messages of strength and vitality. They quickly found support from outlets such as idobi Radio and New Noise Magazine, and went on to tour the northeast US. They also performed alongside various bands and artists such as Boys of Fall (InVogue Records), Nick Thomas (The Spill Canvas), Secrets (Made In The Shade Records), and Kulick (RCA Records) to name a few.

Throughout 2020, Barber was hard at work on Wave Break’s follow up EP, due out in fall 2021. The record blends elements of bands and artists such as Avril Lavigne, Acceptance and Rise Against to form a unique brand of melodic alternative rock, utilizing punchy instrumentation, dynamic vocals and melancholic lyrics. It explores the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people and situations, and the impact on mental health as you’re finding them.

Barber, having named the band after overcoming adversity, is fiercely adamant about carrying that torch. Wave Break was built with a fire that cannot be extinguished, and it’s burning brighter than ever before. Her goal is to inspire others to take their lives by the reins and to push through whatever obstacles lay ahead; nay, break them. All she needs is time.

Wave Break - "Stop The Car"


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