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WIND ROSE Releases Ultimate Dance Remix of Massive Single “Diggy Diggy Hole”!

WIND ROSE Releases Ultimate Dance Remix of Massive Single “Diggy Diggy Hole” Watch the Official Video HERE!

[Photo by: Tommaso Barletta]

WIND ROSE forays into uncharted territory - dance music!

With metal shows at a standstill, the dwarven army of WIND ROSE are foraying into yet uncharted territory, leaving their caves to conquer dance halls and the stay-at-home, “solo dance sessions” of those in lockdown. While many bands are coming up with virtual plans to entertain fans, WIND ROSE have flipped the script and taken on a whole new genre! Can’t party with your friends? Feel the beat from your seat! Closed rock clubs and concert venues can’t stop the march of the dwarven army! Expand your musical horizons with the ultimate dance remix of WIND ROSE’s breakthrough single “Diggy Diggy Hole” (over 17.5 million views on Youtube, 9 million on Spotify)! Back in 2019, it was probably the most shouted song on open air festival campgrounds. One year later, the “Diggy Diggy Hole”-Mania enters dancing clubs around the world. “While metal festivals have been cancelled, some disco clubs remain open! We’re not sure why this is allowed, but if we can’t have metal… then… Challenge Accepted!” -WIND ROSE- Join the party and watch the official video for “Diggy Diggy Hole” (Dance Remix) HERE!

After all this is over, the dwarves will take you back where they belong to - straight into the caves through which the rivers of beer, mead and metal flows! Back to drunken nights, tavern brawls, singing and partying until the last dwarf falls. Let them take you to Drunken Dwarves:

“We don`t write songs, we smith them against the anvil.” And that`s WIND ROSE in a nutshell! The five-piece that started out in Pisa, Italy in 2009 is no secret to genre connoisseurs thanks to four well-received albums and tours with Gloryhammer, Wintersun, Ensiferum and many more. They have perfected their mixture of heroic steel and folky, mead-drenched anthems in the meantime: party tunes don`t get better than “Diggy Diggy Hole” or “Drunken Dwarves”. Seriously. Counterbalance arrives in shape of epic power metal anthems like “The Art Of War” or “We Were Warriors”, carefully treading the fine line between neck-breaking riffing and dramatic orchestration. Wintersaga is a highly entertaining and unforgettable ride over mountains, snow and ice!

The newest album Wintersaga is available HERE!

[Artwork by: Tom Thiel]


Francesco Cavalieri - vocals

Claudio Falconcini - guitars

Federico Meranda - keyboards

Cristiano Bertocchi - bass 

Federico Gatti - drums More info:

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