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YESTERDAY'S HERO's New Music Video "Killing Me" Sets The Tone For Debut Album "Ways To Hate" Out Now!

Releasing their debut album "Ways To Hate" this past November, Ohio alternative metal quintet Yesterday's Hero has a new music video to share for their song "Killing Me". The song was one of the first the band ever wrote and was originally featured as the title track of their debut 2021 EP. For the new album, it was re-recorded and selected as the opening title of the record to set its tone.

"Drive and groove is what you'll get. Lyrically you will hear a man grasping the reality that the relationship is tearing him apart". adds the band.

Yesterday's Hero's first full-length "Ways To Hate" features seven hard-knocking tracks that take listeners through the emotions of a struggling bleeding heart at the end of a tumultuous relationship. Musically, it's a fusion of high-energy grooves with timeless melodies to get your blood pumping and moshing in the pit.

In a digital age of singles, Yesterday's Hero went analog for this record as they would like those listening to experience each track finishing and ready for the next. The tracklisting was arranged in an order specifically to create a feel of an album experience, not just one single.

"We pride ourselves on using raw gritty tube amps, no backing tracks or plug-ins. There is no need for a laptop as we intentionally step back from today's norm. What you hear on the record is what you'll hear live, note for note. We have simple intentions along with catchy riffs with relatable lyrics. We want to give music fans a nostalgic taste for our music experience with a bit of new raw live sound." says the band.

Having shared the stage with bands such as Escape the Fate, Powerman5000, The Convalescence, and Gemini Syndrome, among many others, Yesterday's Hero is recommended for fans of Chevelle, Rise Against, Killswitch Engage, Godsmack, and Seether.

The music video for "Killing Me" can be viewed and heard via its premiere on New Noise Magazine HERE.

Released on November 24, 2023, "Ways To Hate" is available on all digital platforms at and (CD/digital).

Previous Videos:

Track Listing:

1- Killing Me (3:43)

2- What I Needed (4:06)

3- Ways to Hate (3:38)

4- Bounce (4:12)

5- Be (3:46)

6- Road of Doom (5:26)

7- Life's So Good (3:46)

Album Length: 28:36

Band Lineup Live and Recording

Chris Neller - Vocals

Nathan Fike - Lead Guitar

Tony Smith - Guitar

Bill Mizen - Bass

Byron Ferguson - Live Drums and Recorded Drums on track 2. What I Needed, 3. Ways to Hate, 4. Bounce

Jesse Elkins - Recorded Drums on track 1. Killing Me, 5. Be, 6. Road of Doom, and 7. Life's So Good

"This is a great album.... they all sound awesome, being the perfect blend of the early 2000s alt-metal sound and a more modern take, almost bordering on Phil Campbell at times. And, as similar as it all was, I would happily take a lot more of it. Seven tracks just wasn’t enough for me! It sounds great and I think these guys are going to be a big deal soon, if this album is anything to go off!" - Overtone Magazine

"If you’re a real mensch, then you know when it’s your time to bounce, like the boys in Yesterday’s Hero. The hard rockers are happy to unveil their new music video for “Bounce,” off of their new record, Ways To Hate. The seven-track effort was self-released late last month and checks all the boxes of a no-nonsense, riff-rocking good time. There probably isn’t anywhere more rock n’ roll to record a music video than a car shop, which the band selected as the location of this badass new video clip. The primary riff featured in “Bounce” is one of the first the Ohio quartet conceived for this new record. In a sense, the riff dictated the subject matter of the song, with the band feeling that it really “bounced.” Feeding off of this energy, the song came about rather naturally and cohesively." - V13

""When it comes to big riffs, ‘Bounce’ by Yesterday’s Hero doesn’t sell the listener short. Its main thrust sounds like a stoner rock band channelling an old Fugazi tune; the muted riff on the verse adds a sharp edge beneath a great vocal, and exploding into a huge chorus, the band are able to convey a timeless post-grunge sound that sounds massive beneath an enthusiastic hook. If that wasn’t enough, a slow heavy breakdown drawing from a blend of groove metal and hardcore influences increases the tension at the track’s end, ensuring these four minutes leave most rock fans more than satisfied." - Real Gone Rocks

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