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Zotorious At Musica

On December 28th, Zotorious performed at the Musica in Akron, Ohio, and it was a great show.

Zotorious is the stage name of Alonzo Spears- who is an extremely talented and dedicated performer. He puts himself in the rap/hip hop genre, but his music is something entirely of its own. Spears graduated from Kent Roosevelt High School and currently attends college in Kentucky. While he was home for the holidays, he decided to put on a show in Akron.

I have seen Zotorious perform a few times, and the growth he has made is incredible. When I would go to his concerts when we were both in high school it always just felt like I was going to a venue to support a kid from my school who liked to rap. However, when I went to his most-recent show, it really felt like I was going to watch an artist perform. The energy and antics he did on stage really helped his personality come through into his music. And his musical talent just keeps growing.

Zotorious is- in my opinion- a whole new style of rap. He rarely swears and isn’t rapping about drugs and sex. He focuses on his own life experiences and real-life issues. And you can tell when he is performing that he believes in the words he is saying, they aren’t just lyrics he wrote one day.

Zotorious currently has music available on SoundCloud.

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