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A CRIME CALLED Release Official Music Video for "Tidal Waves;" 'A New Path' Out NOW!

A CRIME CALLED Release Official Music Video for "Tidal Waves"

A New Path Out NOW!

Italian alternative rock quartet A CRIME CALLED has released the official music video for "Tidal Waves," the second single off of their newly released album, A New Path.

"“In a period of lock down and restrictions, we find ourselves making a virtue of necessity.Days, life and love is going up and down like a tide. ‘Tidal Waves’ fully respect the difficult period that unites us all together." - ANDREA VERDI

"Tidal Waves" was Recorded and mixed by Dan Korneff (Paramore, Pierce The Veil, Papa Roach) at Sonic Debris, mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, and produced by Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studios in Turin, Italy.

"High energy and invincible from the outset, self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘rock from a galaxy faraway’, A Crime Called… bring us nine tumultuous tunes. Big keys? Check. Banging drums? Yep. A lead singer not afraid to let his lungs rip and ballsy backing vocals? Absolutely! What’s not to like? Each song is an indefatigable injection of rock so polished it could be classed as a diamond. A New Path is ambitious. Its tracks are anthemic. And just one listen will power you up to face the world for another day." - JO WRIGHT - Devolution Magazine

A New Path Track List:

1. “Hide The Feelings”

3. “New Injection”

4. “Over Again”

5. “Sonic Fear”

6. “Tidal Waves”

7. “Weekend Odyssey”

8. “Pop Could Kill”

9. “Drown” (Acoustic)

Click to Purchase / Stream A New Path Online:

"A New Path is an album which describes the courageous approach of the band, that have collaborated with different producers in each song to obtain a new result in terms of sound. "A New Path is our personal musical experience, with a travel around the World started some years ago in New York with the producer Dan Korneff. This album is a mix of genius and passion, with the contribution of many professionals of the music industry. We can't wait to show you our new stuff!" - A CRIME CALLED

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