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A HEAD SPINNING FIRST TIME FEELING VIDEO Kathleen Fee Releases “The Morning After the Night Before” Music Video

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Kathleen Fee, the up-and-coming female singer-songwriter who’s slowly becoming a rapid fan favorite, has released her new music video for her latest single “The Morning After the Night Before.” With a powerful message of independence and fearless self-expression, the video celebrates women’s steadfast spirit and ability to seize control of their own destiny. 

The music video, directed by Zac Adams of Sky Dive Films, serves as a visual narrative that unfolds against a backdrop of vibrant scenes, each capturing the electric energy of the song’s lyrics. Inspired by the rollercoaster of emotions experienced in the aftermath of a wild night out, the video reflects the consequences of actions, yet yearning for more of the intoxicating thrill that comes. 

"Oh, way too soon the sun comes upYou might think I've had too muchI'll tell you when I've had enough I ain't had enough Oh my head is spinning Got that first time feeling Oh I need to get me some more Another taste of you Gonna make it through The morning after the night before"

Kathleen says, “Who doesn't love a fun night out, even if there will be consequences the next morning. I really think this video captures the fun-spirit of the song, which is about a modern, independent woman who has a fun night out, on her terms.” 

“The Morning After the Night Before” was written by Elisha Hoffman the founding member of The Loving Mary Band, Steven Tyler’s country band, as well as co-founder of Pumphouse Records, launched with Lee Brice and songwriter Rob Hatch; two-time Grammy winner, singer-songwriter Rebecca Lynn Howard, who has written songs for Martina McBride and Trisha Yearwood and has recorded with Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, and Patty Loveless; Dan Davidson, lead vocalist of the group Tupelo Honey, who has 7 CCMA nominations, 10 ACMA awards, a platinum record, and a number 1 selling Canadian song and record.

Kathleen adds, “The video for, "The Morning After the Night Before" is about a girl going out on the town and having a fun night with her guy. One of my favorite parts of Downtown Nashville is Printer's Alley, so I was so happy that we could shoot the video there. Rachyl LaGrone and Nathan Wallace are my two stars in the video. Not only are they beautiful people, I am lucky enough to also call them wonderful friends.”

In addition to her solo venture, Kathleen is the dynamic frontwoman of the renowned New York City Irish band Celtic Cross. With her musical journey beginning at a young age, she has showcased her diverse talents not only as a singer-songwriter but also as an actor, model, and Irish step dancer. 

With a repertoire that spans from singing the National Anthem at NFL games to captivating performances on esteemed platforms like Fox & Friends, Kathleen’s musical journey continues to expand her influence across diverse audiences ahead of her next single. 

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