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A Sunday Fire Release New Single "knivesbehindbacksforever"

A Sunday Fire Release New Single "knivesbehindbacksforever"

Alt rock quartet A Sunday Fire have released their new single, "knivesbehindbacksforever," available on all digital streaming platforms NOW. Coloring outside of genre lines, A Sunday Fire finds themselves deep into experimentation on "knivesbehindbacksforever". The song itself is the first of a string of upcoming releases that will continue to toe the edge. As they continue to welcome growth, A Sunday Fire find themselves living in their own sonic bubble - daring and ready to explore. About the single, the band states:

Knives is about realizing you are no longer who you used to be. However, others can’t or just won’t accept it so you have to sever those ties to be free.

A Sunday Fire was born out of the sheer desire to uncover more out of life. The alternative-based quartet doesn’t rest comfortably within the realms of a singular genre; instead, they strive to create music that expands beyond genre limits. Their unique, alt-fused, high-energy sound comes with a wave of emotional output. The band explores sounds that are sonically uncommon, pairing their experimentation with personal expansion.

A Sunday Fire’s new music revolves around growth, creating something raw, yet refreshing. Their brand new single, “knivesbehindbacksforever,” is the first reflection of their recent growth, leading listeners to an updated sonic identity. Through their upcoming releases, A Sunday Fire endlessly searches for new ways to feel, new ways to mourn, and new ways to seek out a life that is resting right in front of them - if they just open their eyes.

A Sunday Fire - "knivesbehindbacksforever"


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