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"AA to A&A" - Anna Achimowicz performance video for DAVID ELLEFSON (Altitudes & Attitude) Day

"AA to A&A" - Anna Achimowicz performance video for DAVID ELLEFSON (Altitudes & Attitude) Day, October 9th Celebration

Rock Dance Theatre performance hybrid puts a tribute spin to October 9th which is a proclaimed in 2018 David Ellefson Day in the city of Jackson Minnesota. The poli-ameri-swede artist Anna Achimowicz being the founder and front woman of RDT creates a reimagined fusion of previous performance work from 2018 (originally music “Temptation”) with an Altitude & Attitude song “Out Here” which David Ellefson and Frank Bello are authors, writers and founders of. Entrepreneur Anna Achimowicz a rocker and metalhead at heart is as she admits a huge admirer of David Ellefson s’ work, starting from Medageth, A&A, the ELLEFSON solo band as well as other non directly music related endeavours.

“I think it’s only fitting, to contribute a smal part of my creativity to celebrate a Day in the Year of a Rock and Metal living legend such as DAVID ELLEFSON. Ironically my name initials AA match Davids and Franks band name, hence the title of the performance video with a twist. Thank You for the inspiration”

Video premieres 10/9/2020 6:30 PM CET / 9:30 AM PST

AA to A&A - Anna Achimowicz performance video for DAVID ELLEFSON (Altitudes & Attitude) Day, October 9th

A Rock Dance Theatre original fun Tribute to DAVID ELLEFSON Day on 10/09

Choreography & artistic direction: Anna Achimowicz

Performance: Rock Dance Theatre

Video concept: Originally Filmed by Tony Zawinul / Zawinul Music Awards

Camera: Tony Zawinul

Footage recorded for “Temptation” music video directed by Anthony Zawinul premiering at Zawinul Music Awards 2018, Vienna Austria with guest appearance by Anna Achimowicz.

Rock Dance Theatre Online

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