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Aeveris - Shapeless - (Heavy Metal)

Aeveris - 'Shapeless' (Heavy Metal)

Release Date: Nov 5, 2021

Location: Belgium Now take the straw that broke my back and lay it down! Aeveris is a five-piece Belgian metal band that saw first light in 2021. Consisting of members of Fields Of Troy , Thorium, Lethal Injury, Always Fallen and Horizons , these five gentlemen joined forces and combined melodic riffing, technical drumbeats and diverse singing techniques to create something pounding and heavy, yet catchy from the first spin. Influenced by bands like Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot , At The Gates and Trivium! Aeveris makes a ferocious leap to grab you in its claws and hang on until you’re raw.

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Guitars: Jeffrey Behiels

Vocals: Louis Soenens

Guitars: Dennis Wyffels

Bass: Pieter Nyckees

Drums: Louis Van der Linden

Upcoming Shows:

25/02/2022 – Try-Out Show @ De Snuffel, Brugge.

04/03/2022 – Try-Out Show @ Asgaard, Gent

25/03/2022 – Den Ast, Heule

28/05/2022 – Dwarsschuur, Gullegem

19/08/2022 – Plectrum Festival, Ichtegem

24/09/2022 – Pyrefest, Wilrijk

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