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Alt-Pop Luminary Keyse Returns With Gut-Wrenching New Single "Flesh & Blood"

Midwestern alt-pop luminary Keyse has released her new single, "Flesh & Blood," available on all digital streaming platforms NOW. "Flesh & Blood" boldly challenges societal norms, shattering taboos and sparking vital conversation about the difficult themes of miscarriage and reproductive health in a raw, yet digestible, pop format. The song is a personal odyssey of resilience and metamorphosis, transforming personal pain into a captivating narrative about bodily autonomy that demands attention. About the single, she says:

"Flesh & Blood is about a miscarriage I experienced a few years ago. I was not expecting, and was not trying, and did not and do not ever plan to be pregnant, but this is the earth-shattering event that led to me discovering I have endometriosis and realizing that the opportunity to change my mind in the future was being robbed from me. It’s also a song about the loss of autonomy, in that sense. I.e. the opening lyrics “I never meant for this to happen, you could’ve been my favorite accident."

Keyse emerges as a luminary in the Midwest's alt-pop/rock scene, captivating audiences with her magnetic presence and fearless storytelling. Since 2018, she's shared stages with luminaries like Lacey Sturm (Flyleaf) and members of Dance Gavin Dance, leaving crowds spellbound with her electrifying performances. Known for her unique ability to weave thematically heavy topics into a digestible pop format, Keyse will release her debut record, a collaboration with The Plot in You's Landon Tewers, in 2024. 

Keyse’s brand new single, "Flesh & Blood," out now, offers a poignant anthem for self-empowerment and bodily autonomy, especially for those who have grappled with reproductive health challenges. "Flesh & Blood" showcases her poignant, evocative lyrics and unapologetic storytelling, speaking about miscarriage and reproductive health. “Flesh & Blood” is Keyse's personal odyssey of resilience and metamorphosis, transforming pain into power and vulnerability into a breathtaking art form, and inspiring her audience to embrace their unique path to self-discovery.

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