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Alt/Pop/Synthwave Artist, Arena, Releases New Single "What's Your Damage?" + Official Music Video

"What's Your Damage" can be streamed/bought at

Rochester, NY's Alt/Pop/Synthwave sensation, Arena, has just dropped a new single titled "What's Your Damage?" Now available across all major platforms, this track encapsulates a journey through introspection and realization.

Frontman Joey Arena shares insights into the song's inspiration, offering a poignant reflection on the aftermath of a breakup. "What's your damage?" he asks, delving into the complexities of understanding his former partner's behavior. In a moment of clarity, he recognizes that the issues at hand aren't solely his burden to bear, but rather stem from the unresolved damage within her. The desire to mend and make things right lingers, yet the cycle of turmoil persists.

"I think more than anything it was about reflecting on a breakup and realizing that it’s not you, it’s her. Like “what’s your damage” is asking her what her problem is? What damage was done to her that she treated you so badly? All you wanna do is fix it for her, make it right, etc and all she does is continue to create problems or have issues."

WATCH ARENA - “What’s Your Damage?” Official Video:

After picking up his first guitar at the age of 10, Joey Arena knew there was no “Plan B,” music is his purpose. Making friends with the road at the age of 17 and living one night at a time, the stages grew bigger as did the fans along the way. Arena grew up in a city of arts, Rochester, NY. The home to household names such as Lou Gramm and Steve Gadd; a geographical foundation in which he’d build a music career.

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