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American Female Fronted Punk/Hardcore band THE END A.D. signs with Wormholedeath

American female-fronted Punk/Hardcore band The End A.D. signed a worldwide deal with Wormholedeath for the re-issue of their critically acclaimed EP "It's All In Your Head" with 4 bonus tracks. "It’s All In Your Head" Deluxe Version will be released on October 28th, 2022 worldwide.


THE END A.D. has had the privilege of sharing the stage with such great acts as Eyehategod, Green Jelly, Murphy’s Law, Cro- Mags (Harley Flanagan), The Accused A.D., Vicious Rumors, Raven, Sulaco, Cliterati, End Of Hope, Snipers Of Babel, TFD, Leeway and The Mentors. The band is booking more great shows for 2022-23. The End A.D. is looking forward to making new friends and fans from around the world.

Discography - Self-Titled EP (2016) - Scorched Earth/Massacre Records (2017) - The Smell of Despair EP/Kill Time Records (2018) - Sermon of Violence/Hellforced Records (2018) - Badlands/Fastball Music (2019) - Badlands/Inferno Records, Cassette (2019) - It’s All in Your Head EP/Fastball Music (2021) - It’s All in Your Head Deluxe Version - Wormholedeath (2022)

Line up Ami Friend - Vocals Paul Juestrich - Guitar Jim Weiss - Bass Lorin Savadove – Drums

Cover & Tracklist

01 Stink 02 Death Cult 03 Bloodsucker (Deep Purple cover) 04 Head 05 Unnamed Unloved 06 Addiction 07 Why Won't You Die 08 I Feel Like Death 09 Tundra

Watch "Bloodsucker" (Deep Purple Cover)



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