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An Unction in Braille: Melodic Deathcore Band Released Visualizer Video for An Inch from Death

An Unction in Braille: Melodic Deathcore Band Released Visualizer Video for An Inch from Death & from upcoming EP The Wordless Whisper

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Western Massachusetts Melodic Deathcore Band, An Unction In Braille unleash the second single, An Inch From Death off their Debut EP, The Wordless Whisper which suffered a full year of waiting through a pandemic to be revealed. The EP is strongly influenced by Death and Loss and will be released on October 29, 2021.

The band delivers fast-paced segments that cut right into slow and crushing breakdowns. 'Soaked in Blood, Crush My Pride' messages of hopelessness. From swift tapping to strong breakdowns, this track will have you at the edge of the knife.

"As one of our first AND favorite songs written, we wanted to create something we believed in. After all, we live An iNch From Death". says Vocalist Josh about the single.


Robert Meroski - Guitar

Kieran Beaty - Guitar

Wes Welch - Bass

Jacob Lindquist - Drums

Josh Veck - Vocals


In 2012, Lead Guitarist, Robert Meroski started writing for a new project. In 2014, Robert met Vocalist, Josh Veck, and they set out on a seemingly endless search for musicians to complete their ensemble. Rhythm Guitarist, Kieran Beaty, Bassist, Wes Welch, and Drummer, Jacob Lindquist would eventually cross paths with the two. Together, An Unction in Braille – “The blessing of a dying person one must feel to understand.” set out to leave their mark on the Metal world. Since then AUiB has toured up and down the east coast and supported bands in Canada. "Metal as f****", "Heavy, artistic and raw", "Fueled with emotion, driven by rage", "Sounds like metalcore met with grindcore, and then Death metal came along and ate the baby". They’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Sworn Enemy, Within the Ruins, In Flames, Nothing, Hate Diplomacy, Full Blown Chaos, Begat the Nephilim and many more talented groups. The band will release their debut EP 'The Wordless Whisper' on October 29th, 2021.

An Unction in Braille - An Inch from Death Visualizer Video

Engineered by CW Recordings.

Drums engineered by Greg Thomas and Chris Teti at Silver Bullet Studios.

Tracklist - The Wordless Whisper EP:

01. Catharsis

02. Of The Dead

03. An Inch From Death

04. Sickening Sweet

05. Dark As Black

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