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Ancient Roman Metal Gods EX DEO Reveal Sinister New Track "The Head Of The Snake" + Video

Ancient Roman Metal Gods EX DEO Reveal Sinister New Track "The Head Of The Snake" + Video | Watch HERE

The Thirteen Years Of Nero out this Friday, August 27 via Napalm Records

Pre-Order HERE

[Photo Credit: Suzzy Iacono]

Juno Award-nominated symphonic death metal band EX DEO will unleash their epic new full-length album, The Thirteen Years Of Nero, this Friday, August 27, 2021 via Napalm Records! On The Thirteen Years Of Nero, the collective transports the listener back to Ancient Rome with 10 cinematic masterpieces that tell the conceptual story of the reign of Emperor Nero.

Today, following the release of their merciless new singles "Imperator" and "Boudicca (Queen Of The Iceni)" - featuring the powerful pipes of Unleash The Archers frontwoman Brittney Slayes - the band offers a third new single, the sinister "The Head Of The Snake". The track showcases an ominous, unrelenting battery of symphonic swirls amid orchestrally accented riffage and choral passages.

Frontman Maurizio Iacono says:

“The centerpiece of all things NERO was his mother, Agrippina. She manipulated the strings of the senate and conspiracies to make sure her beloved son NERO would rule the world, she was the head of the snake with her deadly fangs of deceit. The song travels through her calculated sadistic mind.”

Watch the new lyric video for “The Head Of The Snake” HERE:

EX DEO returns with more massive, brutal soundscapes than ever on The Thirteen Years Of Nero! The Canadian unit is led by founding frontman Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm) and producer/guitarist Jean-François Dagenais (Kataklysm, Misery Index, Despised Icon), with the stylings of Stephane Barbe (Kataklysm) on lead guitar, Jeramie Kling (Venom Inc.) on drums, Dano Apekian (Ashes of Eden) on bass and Clemens Wijers (Carach Angren, Lindemann) manning the intense orchestral score.

The Thirteen Years Of Nero pierces through the silence with its first auditory spear, “The Fall Of Claudius”, immediately drawing the listener in with a savagely heavy, grooving riff, ground-shaking swells and warning strings and horns. Discordant harmonies collide as a mosh-worthy battle riff chugs and pinches through the center of the song, showcasing the ruthlessness to come. “The Head Of The Snake” and unforgivingly immense “Britannia: The 9th At Camulodonum” balance sinister, spectral-like channels with up-tempo elements, racing like a chariot of symphonic death metal influences that careen the listener back to a sonic dimension of time forgotten. Standout opus “Boudicca (Queen Of The Iceni)” features the deft vocal stylings of Unleash The Archers frontwoman Brittney Slayes, the album’s weightiest thunderous percussion work and a glistening guitar solo, while the embers of pulsing “The Fiddle & The Fire” spark as the track traverses methodically yet steadfastly, like an iron striking a blade. “Son Of The Deified” and “What Artist Dies In Me…” bestow some of the album’s most strikingly dynamic guitar work, as well as ominous instrumentals, orchestral and choral pathways, before closing with the superb epic “The Revolt of Galba”. The track ebbs and flows between grooving, eerie piano-laden riffs and crystal-clear flourishes bestrewn with soaring strings.

With The Thirteen Years Of Nero, EX DEO have released their finest work yet while telling a timeless story of political intrigue, suspicion, evil and tyranny!

Maurizio Iacono says about The Thirteen Years Of Nero:

“When it comes to Ancient Rome, the content is long, rich and extensive, the personalities reflect every society imaginable from just, fair and generous to greed, evil and merciless. The world we live in today was shaped by Rome – it doesn’t take much see it all around you in the simplest things. For this record, it was the proper time to fallow the timeline of one Rome’s most controversial figures, Nero. On this album, we follow him through his thirteen-year journey as emperor of Rome and unveil the true face of one of the world’s most worshiped villains.”

Pre-Order The Thirteen Years Of Nero HERE

The Thirteen Years Of Nero tracklisting:

1. The Fall of Claudius

2. Imperator

3. The Head of the Snake

4. Boudicca (Queen of the Iceni) Feat. Brittney Slayes

5. Britannia: The 9th at Camulodonum

6. Trial of the Gods (Intermezzo)

7. The Fiddle & the Fire

8. Son of the Deified

9. What Artist Dies in Me…

10. The Revolt of Galba

The Thirteen Years Of Nero will be available in North America in the following formats:

-4 page CD Digipack

-LP Gatefold Black

-LP Gatefold Marbled Black & White (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 300 worldwide)

-Deluxe Wooden Box Edition: Digipack, Bonus Orchestral CD, Roman Coin, Band Logo Patch and Roman Banner (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 500)

-Digital Album

[Deluxe Wooden Box Edition: Digipack, Bonus Orchestral CD, Roman Coin, Band Logo Patch and Roman Banner (Napalm mailorder only – limited to 500)]

EX DEO is:

Maurizio Iacono - Vocals

Jean-François Dagenais - Guitars

Stephane Barbe - Lead Guitar

Dano Apekian - Bass

Jeramie Kling - Drums

Clements Wijers - Orchestral Score

EX DEO online:

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