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Anubis Releases New EP "Eternal Youth, Eternal Night"

Emergent Los Angeles metal band ANUBIS are carving their own path by organically blending power and thrash metal together. Founded in 2018, the band is comprised of bassist and vocalist Devin Reiche, guitarists Justin Escamilla and Eleazar Llerenas, and drummer Zed Amarin. The hybrid metal band is releasing their latest furious EP Eternal Youth, Eternal Night on April 15th. The EP is mixed and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound, who says of the EP, “Eternal Youth, Eternal Night is a major step up in performance, songwriting, melodies, and technicalities from the previous masterpiece Hurricane Of Hate. From intricately esoteric & tasteful drumming, elaborate bass tapping, combative guitar riffage, soaring leads, and a wide range of vocal octaves, Anubis has done it yet again with a melodic power-metal triumph of a release.”

“I, Anachronism”

“Symbiotic Serenity”

“Eternal Youth, Eternal Night”

Watch the Lyric Video for “Eternal Youth, Eternal Night” from the EP:

Listen to ANUBIS on Spotify:

The EP features 3 new unrestrained and dominating songs from the depths of power and thrash metal: “I, Anachronism” written by Eleazar Llerenas and Devin Reiche; “Symbiotic Serenity,” by Justin Escamilla and Devin Reiche; and “Eternal Youth, Eternal Night,” by Devin Reiche and Dagan VanDemark.

Devin Reiche crowns this EP as “a straight-up love letter to all things metal. It’s the most extensive, eclectic, and forward-thinking material to date. Now that each of us are involved in the writing process, the sky is the limit for what we’re capable of.” Guitarist Justin Escamilla agrees, saying that “Eternal Youth, Eternal Night is the current lineup’s first step into the light showcasing each member’s unique style and voice.” This unapologetic uniqueness adds to the visceral reaction listeners can expect when they hear the dynamic vocals and assailing chords of each new song.

ANUBIS takes their musicianship seriously. Both guitarists are classically trained, Reiche was the original bassist for international thrash band Hatchet, and Amarin is a spokesman for Axis Percussion. They credit artists from across the metal spectrum as influences in their music: Blind Guardian, Helloween, Testament, Metallica, and Dead Kennedys to name a few. This melting pot of metal sounds sets them apart and garners excitement from fans and audiences. ANUBIS is making waves as the new band to watch in the LA metal scene.

Eternal Youth, Eternal Night is out on Friday, April 15th.


ANUBIS is a new rising force in the Los Angeles metal scene. Featuring veterans of local and national/international metal bands Hatchet, Tower Guard, Delusional Fate, and Esodic, ANUBIS combines the speed and aggression of thrash metal bands like Megadeth, Testament, Havok with the twin guitar attack and soaring vocals of melodic metal like Helloween, Savatage, and Iron Maiden. After releasing their debut EP Ashes in 2019 and its follow-up self-titled EP in 2020, ANUBIS is preparing to take its brand of metal to all of California, and the world!

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