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ARTUSHA Bids 2020 Farewell with New Single, “Live Free”

ARTUSHA Bids 2020 Farewell with New Single, “Live Free”

Watch the Video “Live Free” Today via Metal Insider

Debut EP Scheduled for Release Next Year

Up and coming Richmond, VA, rockers ARTUSHA are bidding 2020 farewell with a strong statement about the tumultuous year on the single “Live Free.”

“2020 really hasn't been kind to us on many levels, but who said we have to live by circumstance?” asks guitarist/vocalist David Landers. “I subscribe to the idea that we should live by purpose. That's what ‘Live Free’ is all about. Not letting anyone or anything rob you of your purpose and worth.”

Watch the video for “Live Free” today via Metal Insider at

ARTUSHA’s heavy, groove-based style of metal reflects the group’s varied influences and focus on writing songs by full-band consensus. The band is rounded out by David’s brother Caylon Landers on drums and Brian Hase on bass, all of whom are multi-instrumentalist who have written and recorded solo projects.

The trio recently released a videos for the tracks “Inquisition,” a socio-political reflection on the state of America, and “Zero Label,” a track that fervently expresses the trio’s disdain for personal labels. Prior to the release of the videos, both singles were released on Spotify and garnered more than 15,000 streams.

ARTUSHA is currently in the studio working at David’s own Zero Label Studio to finish their debut EP, album, slated for release next year. The studio, which now dually serves as ARTUSHA’s headquarters and production office, and was the point of creation for the “Live Free” video by Caylon Landers, is open to the public by appointment and offers full-service music production with the brothers engineering and producing.

“I know the band is stoked to release ‘Live Free’ in 2020,” David Landers says. “I'm glad everyone can bite into it and give 2020 a proper middle finger as we move into the new year. I am proud of this song because it models everything that I stand for."

Live Free,” “Inquisition” and “Zero Label” are available via all digital service providers.


David Landers – guitar/vocals

Brian Hase – bass

Caylon Landers - drums

ARTUSHA online:

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