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Astral Bazaar goes Miami Vice on their new music video ‘Cops & Thieves’

Astral Bazaar goes Miami Vice on their new music video ‘Cops & Thieves’

Photographer: Petri Sara

Astral Bazaar releases an 80s style psychedelic music video to accompany their song ‘Cops & Thieves’. The song was originally released in March as part of the band’s sophomore album entitled ‘A Sudden Realization’.

Watch the music video:

Band comments on the new video:

“To us parts of the song feel like as if they could be from a car chase scene in some old cop show. So we thought it might be cool to spoof the famous TV show Miami Vice in our music video. The idea sort of evolved from there…”

Astral Bazaar is a six-piece psychedelic rock band from Helsinki area, Finland. The band’s vision is to combine progressive rock influences with experimental sounds created from a variety of guitar and vocal effects. The song “Cops & Thieves” blends classic 80s musical elements, such as fast-paced guitar riffs and powerful saxophones licks, with some modern psychedelic rock influences that can be heard in the breathy vocals and the athmospheric sound of the song’s chorus.


Astral Bazaar - A Sudden Realization

01. Food for Thought (FIBAZ2000003) 02. Lungs of Modern Times (FIBAZ2000004) 03. Vincent’s Dream (FIBAZ2000005) 04. The Y10K Problem (FIBAZ2000006) 05. The Girl with the Purple Hair (FIBAZ2000002) 06. Cops & Thieves (FIBAZ2000008) 07. Dwellin’ in the Apocalypse (FIBAZ2000009) 08. Embrace the Reverb (FIBAZ2000001) 09. Behind the Narrow Door (FIBAZ2000011)

Release date: March 26th 2021

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