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Astral Bazaar has released a new concept album

Astral Bazaar has released a new concept album from the frontiers of psychedelic and progressive rock

Photographer: Petri Sara

Astral Bazaar has just released its anticipated second album entitled A Sudden Realization. Listen to the album on music services:

On the new album Astral Bazaar’s music takes a step towards a more psychedelic and experimental sound. The album’s nine songs feature mellow tunes, atmospheric vocal harmonies, delicate guitar arrangements and smooth saxophone licks. The music has some distinct Middle Eastern vibes and the vocals and instruments are glazed with psychedelic effects that flow free throughout the album. The album also includes a few improvised and frisky jam sections that have been recorded live in the studio.

The band describes the making of the album:

“We spent quite a bit of time experimenting with different guitar and vocal effects, and we wanted those effects to play a certain role in the storyline of the album as well. Our idea was that by mixing different sounds and musical genres we could demonstrate the protagonist’s varying moods and his internal conflict.”

The story of A Sudden Realization is set in the distant future and the lyrics deal with simulated realities, artificial intelligence, and the thin line between imagination and reality. The protagonist of the story is a person called Vincent, who desperately tries to seek explanations for the bizarre events that take place in the world around him. Eventually – when it seems that the whole world is collapsing – Vincent is faced with the ultimate question: Is anything in his life actually real? LINKS:

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