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Aurora Dream Releases "Parallel Beats"

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Miami-based instrumental progressive rock and math rock project Aurora Dream has just released a new single, "Parallel Beats," a remix version of their hit track "Parallel Colors (2016 Version)." The single offers a refreshing take on the original track, combining lo-fi, chill-pop and trap beat elements with Aurora Dream's signature guitar tapping skills, flavorful riffs, and melodic writing.

Founder and Venezuelan guitarist of Aurora Dream, Daniel Morales, teamed up with Australian guitarists KEYAN (Keyan Houshmand) and Jake Howsam Lowe from Plini, as well as American guitarist Charles Caswell from Berried Alive, to create a unique fusion of guitar sounds and effects with beats and modern production. The result is a track that is both innovative and enjoyable, and showcases the talents of all the collaborators involved.

Mixed and mastered by Venezuelan engineer Moises D' Bello, "Parallel Beats" maintains the energy and spirit of the original track while offering a fresh perspective on it. This track is a follow-up single to the latest and most recent full album release of RUBIX that was a masterpiece and a monument to instrumental guitar music. Daniel Morales' remix makes "Parallel Beats" enjoyable not only for prog, metal, and guitar music fans, but also for people who might not even listen to math rock and prog music because of the electronic layers and trap vibes that the song carries. With "Parallel Colors" being the very first song released under Aurora Dream, and having been revisited and remixed several times over the years, it's clear that the track has a special place in the heart of the project.

This single is now available for streaming and download on all major music platforms. Music Tabs are coming soon later this year

In Morales' own words, "I was blown away by how the track transformed into something much bigger and fun after all of these talented guitarists came in and added their own twist. This remix brings a different perspective and feel to the track that still makes you experience it in a very different way, and it continues to be very enjoyable, unique, and especial in its own manner.”

T-shirts are available for sale here: Aurora Dream has set up a GoFundMe page where fans can pitch in to help fund their musical project. The ultimate goal is to plan a tour and land gigs at big music events, but they need your help to make it happen. If you're interested in contributing to this awesome cause, check out their page here: Every little bit counts, let’s make it happen!

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Single Credits: Guitars & Production: Daniel Morales Features : KEYAN, Jake Howsam Lowe & Charles Caswell Mixed and mastered by: Moises D’ Bello Artwork: Gerardo Calderón Photography: 4102 Productions Photo Edits: Gerardo Calderón

Aurora Dream is a Miami, Florida-based musical project that was founded by Daniel Morales in 2016, during his final months at university. The project was launched with the release of "Parallel Colors (Demo)," a single that was originally meant to be a personal release. However, due to high demand during live shows, Daniel decided to establish a separate project.

Aurora Dream pushes the boundaries of traditional guitar music with its unique fusions, writing styles, and production techniques. Despite this, the project retains its signature progressive, modern, and ethereal sound. As the driving force behind Aurora Dream, Daniel Morales has grown the project independently with the help of numerous talented individuals in the music industry. The result has exceeded his expectations, and the project has expanded beyond his original vision.

Daniel Morales, also known as “Duniel”, is a Venezuelan-American independent guitarist, entrepreneur, and composer. He is best known as the founder of the instrumental project Aurora Dream, and also releases music under his own name where he explores his creative ideas and continues to expand the boundaries of guitar music. Daniel composes, plays guitar, records, and manages his unique brand of instrumental progressive music, all from his bedroom studio. Born in Mérida, Venezuela, on September 11th, 1996, Daniel is considered to be one of the most successful and influential guitarists from his home country. His inspirations revolve around progressive rock, metal, emo, math rock, pop, and experimental music.

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