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Beat The Heat With The Dead Centuries’ Summer Single “Crystal Summer” Ft. Jacob Umansky (Intervals)

Beat The Heat With The Dead Centuries’ New Summer Single “Crystal Summer” Featuring Jacob Umansky (Intervals) Premiere Video via TheCirclePit

Back in June, The Dead Centuries released their catchy sun-baked song “Pop a Soda”, and their second summer single “Crystal Summer” is ready for ears as of August 28, 2020.

Energetic, and uplifting, The Dead Centuries continue to provide the soundtrack for an awesome summer with hook oriented, melody-driven songs. They agree that this is the best material that they have released to date and they explain their musical journey in their own words:

“The idea behind 'Crystal Summer' was to release a track that has an upbeat, summer vibe (hence the name) that is in line with what we’ve done with our previous single “Pop A Soda”. We also shot a guitar playthrough video to add a visual element to the song, and our goal was to invoke feelings of fun, relaxation, and summertime.”

“Crystal Summer” features a solo piano introduction that establishes one of the main melodies of the song. This song builds on the foundation that they’ve laid down with “Pop A Soda”. Once again the inclusion of Jacob Umansky (Intervals/JIA) on bass brings another element to the track that helped them get closer to their vision. 

With plans to keep releasing singles, The Dead Centuries is a band to keep an ear out for. They are recommended for fans of Intervals, Plini and Polyphia, and anyone else who likes melodic and technical tunes.

“Crystal Summer” can be heard via TheCirclePit's YouTube channel HERE.

Previous single:

“Pop A Soda” is on YouTube - YouTubeSpotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music Bass clip of Jacob Umansky (INTERVALS) - HERE.

For more info:

EPK About:

Visionary and highly influential writer Michael Moorcock, who worked with the bands Hawkwind and Blue Oyster Cult, memorably stated that ‘it is the business of the future to be dangerous.’

Ottawa three-piece The Dead Centuries are both futuristic and dangerous…which is as it should be. Influenced by Protest The Hero, Periphery, Paul Gilbert, Sithu Aye and Intervals, The Dead Centuries can easily hold their heads up in such exalted company. In their current form, The Dead Centuries compose and perform technically precise instrumental music, rich in virtuosity, melody, compositional skills, and most importantly…they create superb music to listen to. This isn’t the sound of three musicians showing off their undoubted skills, rather they are serving their songs above all else, with every fiber of their beings, every neuron firing in their minds, every tendon in their bodies. 

In a sense, it is as if the three musicians that make up The Dead Centuries have become one mind in their own music! Adam Tremblett describes the sound of The Dead Centuries as “technical, melodic, energetic, heavy, precise.” Indeed The Dead Centuries are so precise, they are like some kind of cosmic clock; they are always on time.

The Dead Centuries had a natural evolution into the special band they are now, originally consisting of two guitarists, a bassist, female vocalist, and drummer; as members leftover time, those that remained rose to the occasion and created more technical and original music.

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