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BLACKLIST UNION Release New Single "Dirty Halo" + Official Music Video

Stream/Download Blacklist Union HERE WATCH "Dirty Halo" Official Music Video TONIGHT at 8 PM CST!

Blacklist Union released their new single "Dirty Halo" from their upcoming release Letters from the Psych Ward on July 21, 2023. The album is slated for a September, 2023 release. The album will be available on all digital platforms, in addition to CDs and Vinyl. The single is impacting mainstream radio on now! "Dirty Halo" was written by Tony West / Christopher Johnson, produced by Christopher Johnson, recorded/mixed by Ghian Wright, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum. Musicians on the single: Tony West -Lead Vocals Rafael Moreira -Guitars Nate Morton -Drums Christopher Johnson -Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Programmer, Backing Voc

Tony West was raised in the Bronx on Ramones, Bad Brains, and NYHC. Hearing the call of the wild west, Tony made his way to Los Angeles at 19 years old. He initially collaborated with guitarist Todd Youth (Murphy’s Law/Danzig) and Malfunkshun, which was kept active by Andy Wood’s brother Kevin Wood. Tony took a break from L.A. to try out Memphis in 1998. While he was there, he attended the first Saliva gig with Paul Crosby on drums. This historic event marked the beginning of a lifelong friendship between Paul and Tony, ultimately leading to a management collaboration and Paul joining Blacklist Union. In addition, Tony recorded with Saliva and Jon E. Love (Love/Hate) in 2014. Tony decided to go in his own direction in 2006. With a shamanistic blend of Stone Temple Pilots, G N’ R, Malfunkshun, and Mother Love Bone... Blacklist Union was born.

WATCH Blacklist Union - The Queen Of Everything (Official Music Video): WATCH Blacklist Union - Letters from the Psych Ward (Official Music Video):

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